Contract Vault Review

Nowadays Blockchain technology has become a part of our life.It is so helpful for all spheres owing to its transparency, decentralization and fast way of working. Moreover, it modernize business and is a reliable tool in legal services.Though, there are a few problems to be resolved related to legal, smart contracts and blockchain.
The first problem is that templates of contracts are often unclear,irrelevant, deprived of a possibility of adaptation or completion, and their use demands serious legal knowledge from the average client.
The second issue is related to long, difficult and ineffective process of contract creation.
The third problem can appear while working with smart contracts. They are difficult and labor-consuming in realization for people without the corresponding education.
The fourth issue is the most painful one. It is availability.Legal and technical activities for traditional contracts and smart contracts sometimes cost plenty of money and can take long time.
Contract Vault offers the following steps to resolve these problems:

*Creation of users' own multifunctional and altered SmartTemplates;
*Specialists in blockchain technology will have an opportunity to provide the services directly on trading platform of the Contract Vault;
*An opportunity to provide consultations, to get accesses to the checked and adjusted smart contracts is proved for lawyers.
*Availability, efficiency, good internal functionality of Contract Vault and a huge number of possible cases of use of the platform will provide a lot of users that in turn speaks about investment attractiveness of the project.
Besides it, Contract Vault has an excellent team of highly professionals in legal and specialists in blockchain technologies.

                                 Meet the Team of the Project

Gordon Mickel

Founder & Managing Director

"I feel that the most important requirement in success is learning to overcome failure. You must learn to tolerate it, but never accept it." ~ Reggie Jackson

Perica Grasarevic

Founder & Chief Counsel

"The only source of knowledge is experience." ~ Albert Einstein

Daniel Killenberger


"The blockchain keeps everyone honest, and a whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs."~Paul Vigna

Ian Simpson

Communications and marketing

"Help your customers and you help your business." ~ Leo Burnett

Achim Lau


"For me, being a lawyer means to help those in need." ~ Joe Jamail

Daniel Streuli


"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it."~ Robert Kiyosaki

Gvozden Zivkovic


"The good of the people is the greatest law." ~ Cicero
To sum it up, I want to emphasize that Contract Vault is a worthwhile project with a great team and interesting ideas.
The Contract Vault platform can create a number of final and ready-made products on the basis of the SmartTemplates, which include:
*Traditional legal agreements which can be used habitually in the real world;
*Legal agreements which can be stored safely on the decentralized carrier with protection against copying with the help blockchain transactions with the signature;
*SmartForms and SmartDossiers which expand possibilities of lawyers, allowing them to communicate and work with clients more effectively;
*The personalized smart contracts, such as Ethereum Smart Contracts;
*Legal smart contracts in the form of Ricardian contracts or smart contracts with a double binding.
More information you can find here:

Official site:
My Bitcointalk Username: Pro100Kelin1
Bitcointalk Profile link:;u=1363958;sa=su
ETH address: 0xf19FBee55Ba4D26073Fb98b2732a014f65074192

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