Smart Containers Group - New word in the thermosensitive logistics

   Thermosensitive logistics is one of the most popular areas of logistics, given the fact that developments in medicine and many other high-tech areas are gaining momentum every day. At the same time, there is such a problem as a systematic violation of the storage and transportation of not only medicines, but also other biological materials and pharmaceuticals. This leads to the fact that, for example, about 25% of vaccines that are presented in the pharmaceutical market, do not withstand any competition, as they are delivered to the end user already in a spoiled form. The reason for this, in most cases, is precisely the failure to comply with the temperature, terms and conditions of delivery.   

Exactly for this reason a team of experts in various fields has gathered together and created the latest global platform that allows you to deliver goods that require a certain temperature regime in special containers, which are called Smart Containers. These containers are the latest developments of leading experts in this field and allow the delivery of pharmacological products, and even food, in the most optimal time and in compliance with all necessary conditions relating to the requirements for temperature.   

Smart Containers Group combines all the most advanced technologies, and the platform itself is based on blockchain technology, which allows users to get the maximum benefits:  

  • Research for the most optimal ways for the production of a particular type;
  • Credibility in the market;
  • Ability to guarantee quality;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Healthy competition;
  • Lack of geographical attachment to a particular region, etc.

 It is worth noting that unlike other similar projects, SkyCell - One of the Smart Containers Group division, provides containers around the world for more than 10 years, and therefore already has regular customers and certain marketing achievements, and to cooperate with the project is not only profitable, but also safe from an economic point of view.  

Who might be interested? 

The audience interested in creating a single platform in the field of thermosensitive logistics is very extensive. Among all the potential clients of the project, some of them can be noted today:  

  • Private persons;
  • Donors and recipients;
  • Pharmacological companies;
  • Manufacturers of products that require a specific temperature regime for transportation, etc.

 Of course, each of the above customers is interested in getting quality services as quickly as possible. The company is ready, in turn, to provide all interested parties with containers on favorable terms within 24-48 hours after the application is submitted. This efficiency often plays a leading role in choosing a logistics company, and therefore SkyCell has a very significant advantage over its competitors.  

What is the SMARC token all about? 

 In fact, the Smart Containers is not a new product, but the token sale should popularize the new platform and attract new investors for further development. If we omit the tedious technical details, then everyone who bought the SMARC and LOGI tokens today, after receiving profit from the project, will be able to count on dividends, which will be distributed as transparently and evenly as possible between all users of the platform according to their holdings.   

Since the company is already operating and quite effective, such an investment will be the most profitable. I won’t give here the results of audits, as it would be unethical, but i can assure you that the results of these audits are very impressive, and therefore the profit of each participant of the project who will make the "right" investment is quite predictable and almost guaranteed. In addition, the SMARC and LOGI tokens are looking promising for trading on the crypto-currency exchanges.      

As you can see the marketing is very well planned at Smart Containers, allowing them to scale their business fast enough.  The token sale itself is currently running and will last until June 30, 2018. It makes sense to hurry up and become an investor of such promising project - Smart Containers.  

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