SocialCxN - A Blockchain Solution for Influencer Marketing

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. The use of blockade technology in the modern world greatly simplifies any field of activity. Did not pass it and the niche of influential marketing, allowing to significantly increase the effectiveness of this industry. SocialCxN is a new generation platform oriented to become the best tool for improving management efficiency. Brands can now search and create the best online media on several social networking channels. For influential users or brands, the platform allows you to monetize the number of subscribers in different social networks.
SocialCxN is the only platform where each interested party has its own user interfaces for online management of companies, while automating all day-to-day functions.
The aim of the project is to consolidate the sphere of influential marketing with the use of financial leverage and blocking technology for all participants of the platform. SocialCxN is an interesting project addressing a new market – namely social infuencer marketing. This new industry has its own set of unqiue needs and requirements, which cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and blockchain may be able to solve.
The hardest part of influencer marketing is finding a party that matches your company’s brand. Unlike formal marketing, marketing through influencers means that the personality of the person will be considered the “face” of the company.

SocialCxN is responsible for recommending the best influencers for each client. This is not easy. SocialCxN is not a peer-to-peer platform that brings direct contact between business owners and influencers; well call it as third party or broker.

Through a unique system, ScialCxN will only recommend influencers that really have excellent character and performance. How? Know their track record in social media.

The cost is too expensive

With the increasing popularity of influencer marketing, the number of influencers in the market is also getting bigger. It is sometimes difficult to determine which bona fide influencers and which are less reliable.

Because of this, Social CxN offers a different payment type, cryptocurrency.SocialCxN will also only recommend business owners to work with influencers who already have a big name. Influencers like this usually have a partnership with a particular agency, and this agency will contact you.

Working through agencies means there are intermediaries who take advantage. But such profits will not be charged to the business owner but are borne by SocialCxN through a CxN token reward.

Influencer does not convey the message well
This is often done by influencers who already have high popularity. If you look at social media like Instagram, you will see many celebrities offering various items with too rigid descriptions.

SocialCxN will not work that way. The platform will give the clients and influencers the opportunity to advertise the way they like. Influencer will be himself; they will not be stunned by a row of boring rows of sentences that tend to be unattractive.

SocialCxN believes that a way to keep influencers credible is to give them the freedom to be creative. An influencer must know better what content his audience likes.

Social CxN will let them be themselves, compile content according to the persona they have built, but not out of the message they want to be built by the brand. Good messaging (advertising) is the key to the success of a marketing strategy.

ICO Details
Symbol CxN
Price 1 ETH = 12, 500 CxN-14, 375 CxN (depending on the stage)
Pre-ICO Date Mar 20, 2018 — May 07, 2018
ICO Date May 11, 2018 – June 18, 2018
Tokens for sale 60%
Minimum investment 0.10 ETH
Soft Cap 6,000 ETH
Hard Cap 20,000 ETH

WalletETH: 0x022766eC455c74a83470804a19173ea6C2A31f51

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