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The advancement of technolgy in our recent time creates an open wide opportunity not just for those who held good educational background but especially for those undergrad or non dergree holder. With the aid of Social Media and Blockchain technology and all those supporters of decentralization we have now an equal grasp of limitless opportunity. This is where we should suppose to exert more of our efforts in these type of social medias like, Steemit and and many more where we are paid/compensated for our effort and time thats why i want to share/promote to most of my russian subscriber to and vice versa to my Kryptonia/kblog subscriber.

Steps on how to promote your Golos post:

  1. Create a kryptonia account Sign up here
  2. Connect all your social media if you want. You can earn 100 Superiorcoin in every  social media connetion.
3. You can then create a task

In creating the task you need to fill some required field.
a. Title of the task
b. Description of the task
c. Setting up the reward option
        example: reward set at 10 Superiorcoin  for 100 task         completers (total of 1000 sup budget)

Note: *Your first task is sponsored by
           *You can earn also Superiorcoin by completing the task
           *Your eanings upon completion of the task is onhold for 14 days before it became unlock and transferrable.

                              Goodluck and Godbless!


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