Choose the future by investing in Solar DAO!

Even the most seemingly richest countries are concerned about the lack of resources to meet electricity needs. For example, the UAE lost up to 50% of the gas. It is only natural that 70% of the costs are due to cooling.

But the government hastened to react by imposing a ban on the import of air conditioners that do not correspond to energy saving. And by 2030, a vast desert area will cover the vast territories of nuclear power plants and SPS, and on each roof will be located solar panels. Progressive idea, do not you think?
The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom novelty initially caused a lot of doubt. Batteries based on solar energy cost fabulously expensive. But now the initiative was picked up by the people of South America? and a number of other countries. This is how the project Solar DAO appeared in Russia - for clever and far-sighted people financing alternative energy sources with the help of funds and crypto currency. They give the "green light" of technology, behind which the future of many world powers.

Anyone can become a participant in the solar industry by investing in the Solar DAO project, and as technology develops rapidly, it will be possible to receive dividends on the basis of the invested amount in a few months. You will not need to organize transactions, resort to intermediaries and solve complex technical issues. In addition, everything is completely anonymous.

The United States, France have already made their choice in favor of the most popular commodity in the world - renewable energy. Now it's up to you.

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