Welcome my dear subscribers. Today is the weekend, which means that I have prepared for you reviews of promising projects.Soundeon is a decentralized music ecosystem developed using blockchain technology. The Soundeon project aims to bring together all the key players of the music industry on its platform and develop a set of services to create music with which artists can monetize their talent and be closer to fans.

Soundeon offers a transparent system of copyright and earned money management, attracting investments for artists and fair sale of tickets in the primary and secondary markets through the use of blockchain advantages. Thanks to Soundeon services, musicians will be able to use smart contracts to sell copyrights, receive royalties and control their income with the help of analytical data provided.
In turn, music lovers can become users of the blockchain player, buyers of tickets for musical events at special prices or co-owners of copyright and receive royalties from this.

The benefits of the project Soundeon
One of the main advantages of the Soundeon project is the availability of alpha version, which can be tested by anyone. The project has competitive advantages, such as a set of services that combines several aspects of the music industry. The project contains a number of services that are useful and necessary for the artist to realize his talent, as well as for closer communication between musicians and fans.

An experienced team is also an advantage for the project. Part of the team has extensive experience in the field of Finance, which is very important for successful business development. The other part of the team is familiar with the music industry market and has the necessary experience.
The project has an impressive SPI of partner companies that help the team in development, legal Affairs, security issues, as well as in conducting crowdsale and organizing music events.

Key features of the Soundeon platform
Soundeon is a decentralized ecosystem that brings together different aspects of the music industry from the financing and registration of rights to the sale of tickets.

Platform Soundeon will provide the following services:

Music Token Sale (MTS) – this service offers artists the opportunity to attract investment for the realization of their talent (for example, recording music videos, albums, etc.). This will be implemented through the release and sale of the artist's own tokens. Music lovers will be able to purchase part of the copyright and receive royalties.

How it works
The artist creates a road map to implement his musical tokens based on the platform's templates and modules. Thanks to the visual designer, you can set parameters such as the timing, goals and levels of funding for the stages of the road map, as well as the conditions for unlocking the next tranche. At the time of publication of the roadmap, MTS tokens are available for sale, and the audience has the opportunity to start financing through the MTS wallet. With the help of MTS tokens, sponsors have the right to receive royalties received from the use of intellectual property created by the musician. Each performer will be able to set the total number of tokens, the price for one token and its Ticker.

Soundeon Exchange is a service within the sale of intellectual property. Anyone can create their own music portfolio, buying copyrights to intellectual property and thus receiving income, part of the royalties.

Soundeon Tix-this service sells tickets for events in real time. The service allows customers to organize performances and control the sale of tickets in the primary and secondary markets. Through the use of dynamic QR codes that eliminate scalping, ticket forgery and other forms of fraud are excluded.

Soundeon Monitor service is designed to consolidate all royalties created on Soundeon as well as from third-party services. Soundeon Monitor is integrated with deep data Analytics technology, and is an analytical interface that allows users to get the most accurate information to analyze and optimize the management of royalties and ticket sales.

Soundeon Player is a music player on the blockchain that collects data about the tracks being played and writes them to the distributed registry. Thus, the process of distribution of royalties becomes transparent and fair.

It is already possible to test
You can tested the public alpha version of the platform, which features the music Token Sale service. The current platform is built as a talent contest where participants announce their talents via video, attract subscribers and get votes. The stages of the competition are tracked in a public cryptographic registry to ensure fair voting.

In General, the interface for the alpha version of the platform is simple and easy to use. If the team implements the entire declared service, then through the Soundeon ecosystem will be combined various aspects of the music industry, resulting in musicians will get a significant set of tools necessary for the development of creativity, and fans will be able to become co-authors with artists and receive income from their musical activities.

Token economy
Soundeon tokens are utility tokens of the Ethereum standard ERC20 designed for use on the Soundeon platform in the following ways:

"MusicTokenSale" tokens standard ERC20 acquired through "MusicTokenSale", "Soundeon Exchange" for Soundeon tokens. "MusicTokenSale" tokens determine the ownership share of existing or future intellectual property rights.
Payment services service "Soundeon Monitor" in tokens Soundeon.
Subscribe to Soundeon Player is paid in tokens Soundeon.
The organizers can pay for the ticket tokens Soundeon.
Royalties are paid in Soundeon tokens.
Thus, the Soundeon token is an infrastructure monetary unit, participating in all transactions on the Soundeon platform. The more transactions are carried out on the platform, the greater the token turnover within the ecosystem. The increase in the number of transactions on the platform depends on the number of interested users, the quality and variety of services provided to musicians and their fans.

Find out more about the project Soundeon:

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