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Suporter ICO Review: The First Crypto Fundraising Platform in the World


Despite the fact that Blockchain and cryptothermins receive a fair share of bad press, it can not be denied that innovation can become the future of most technical applications. One of these sectors, which has good opportunities for using this new technology, is the fund-raising industry.

With blockchain technology, which already creates waves in the financial sector, it is safe to say that it will affect the elimination of scandals and abuse of funds present on the fundraising fronts. To understand how much blockage will be used to raise funds, here you will find a more cryptographic enterprise with a similar concept.

What is SupPorter?

SupPorter aims to establish a global fund-raising standard, creating the world's first decentralized fundraising market. A supporter of the donor market will provide organizations with a safe and efficient structure to raise funds and use other innovations within the framework of blockchain technology. With the change, SupPorter hopes to create a cheaper, transparent and faster model for rewarding people, while still achieving the goal of raising funds for users. How SupPorter Blockchain collects funds and promotes transparency
SupPorter also expects to radically simplify and automate the donation process with its own coin with support, the SupPorter token. However, the beauty with the SupPorter concept is that donors do not need to have crypto knowledge or have any cryptothermia. This is because donors can contribute independently of the currency and have a platform that easily converts currencies into SP tokens. In addition, the SP token will also have several applications on the platform, such as:

Establish transparency of funds, since the SP token contains an automated end-of-year application protocol and works with a distributed register.
Promote instant donation conversions, while simultaneously establishing conditional delivery through Smart Contracts.
Provide low processing fees with additional instant calculations for the block chain.

Support SupPorter

In contrast to traditional financing, SupPorter's fund-raising protocol comes with several lines, and users have the opportunity to resolve their responsibilities.
Financing Blockchain is also very flexible for the investor, as it can liquidate or sell its donations.
The supported platform is a decentralized organization, which means that no authority approves or checks financial transactions.
Using blockchain makes SupPorter a safe platform for fundraising, with all records becoming unchanged after being checked by all participants.
And with blockchain technology, automation comes in that eliminates any chance of duplication and conflicting transactions that are commonplace with traditional fundraising.

Detailed information:

Pre-Sale: Beginning on April 20, 2018
Completion: August 1, 2018.
Price: 1 SPT 0.02
Public sale: Beginning August 15, 2018.
Expiration: September 15, 2018
Price: 1 SPT 0.04

ICO parameters:

Ticker: SP
Platform: Ether
Model: ERC20
Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD
Total supply: 1 billion tokens

Token distribution:

Preliminary sale of 15%
Founders and early consultants 15%
Fund 8%
Bounty incentive program 3%
Discounting pool 5%

Use of funds:

Product and company development 50%
Customer on board and growth of 30%
Reserve for unforeseen events and opportunities 20%

Conclusion SupPorter

While the collection of funds through the block-bill looks like the future of raising funds and enterprises, such as SupPorter only speeds up the possibility of adoption. However, some risks typically revolve around the blockchain of fundraising are a new concept that has its regulation. In short, there are many high risks that can go against the traditional notion of fundraising.

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