BITGOALS: The universal and easy Solution for Sports Friends and Gamers

BitGoals is the decentralized global platform for "all-in-one" sports and sports betting, which uses one currency, the Sports Token Protocol (STP), to reward and stimulate platform users (

Some problems in a sport industry:

  1. When registering an account you need free time. Setup takes a lot of time and effort, updating your payment information takes time, and waiting for verification takes time.
  2. Today no one likes to wait - we are used to getting our services and products as soon as possible
  3. You managed to register in time. But now all this important information is stored in the database of the site. Most data services are always at risk of information leakage, sometimes even more than once.
  4. In fact, some of these sites even store your data on third-party services, and sometimes even sell them to unauthorized persons. As you guessed that the site is a fraud.
  5. First of all, you need to pay fees and fees. They all make up a high percentage of your winnings.

The BITGOALS platform aims to, through its blockchain technology, accelerate the process of payouts, create a transparent and easy access to jackpots and process information. Also, it aims to erase completely every trace of a fraudulent means of doing things, making the identity of its participants unknown.

The issue of including hidden fees has a become a thing of the past, as BITGOALS plans the absolute removal of such fees and also bring an end to every act of payout manipulation.

BitGoals competitive advantage includes:

-We are a pioneer of official and paid service within the play trade
-We have information and direct follow in Gesting from the start and build it
-We have the required it infrastructure, we'd like pioneers, that is nice, and therefore the development team needs to implement this approach in efisien.
-We have sports games certified and a good system that's utilized in one edition.

How to participate?

  1. It all starts with one login - just do it once to unlock all sites with one purse. This can save you valuable time, and allows you to enter the game instantly.
  2. Secure storage using advanced Blockchain technology. The only security threat is your actions.
  3. Special intellectual contracts will allow you to bet on your limits. Also, on the platform are instant payments.


  • provides it's customers protection in the real world.
  • makes registration simple and precise.
  • allows participants to use as much funds as they would love to invest in the betting.
  • It's payouts are almost instant.
  • complete independence from regulations, including government imposed ones.

Participants, as it stands, has nothing to be afraid of in terms of payouts. Fear has been eradicated from the minds of participants as they have a trustworthy platform to bet and get their payouts from.


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