Celtics "- a new super-command of the NBA, which you will soon learn

"Celtics" is probably the most intriguing, promising and interesting team of the East in the upcoming season.
Last year's campaign in the playoffs was impressive, now the youth must progress, the main stars of the team - to return after injuries. "Celtics" should be more powerful, it's not even a question. But the "Boston" is interesting first of all by a certain new level of modernity or rather by updating the very concept of the modern team.
They - like the Golden State of 2015 - should set the trend that the rest will try to match. And, as in the case of the "Warriors", the others are unlikely to succeed. Look at the teams that played in the finals of the conference last season. "Rockets" hollowed out isolation for their leaders. "Cavaliers" hollowed isolation for their leader. "Warriors" were forced to often hollow out isolation for their leaders. But not the Celtics.
They did not rely on one or two creators, trying to bring them to the most comfortable opponent. They had 5 people able to ship the twenty in a separate meeting taken. On the playoffs in the "Celtics" 4 players scored from 15.7 points per match to 18.5, such a dense distribution is generally uncharacteristic for the playoffs, where more stars are loaded. But the Celtics did not have any stars, they twisted as best they could.
Naturally, be Kairi and Gordon in the ranks, the game would be different, but last year's experience showed a very important thing: now in the "Boston" man 7 can independently take themselves to the throw at the playoff level. Yes, in comparison with the "regular", everyone got an implementation there, but, firstly, this is normal for the playoffs, and secondly, now the load will be significantly lower for these performers. The stars will return, there will be more people in the rotation - the realization will reach the normal level.

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