Maldini 'Best Defenders of All Time'

Football on both sides of the attack and the defense If you want to win a match like this, you will also need to save the team from the goal. Midfield and forward line attack, while on the other hand the defense and goalkeeper, the entire defense will be developed. And in this defense, there are many footballers who have become world-famous and some have been legends. According to the rules of modern football, keep in mind the pre-conditions prevailing when you win. There have been many defenders in the ongoing football world in the centuries! People who have more credit for their memory.

However, modern defense players are far more skilled and well-wisher than the past. Bobby Mower, Carlos Puyol, Kafu, Franco Baresi and German legend Franz Beckenbauer and Italian Paolo Maldini will be the first to be named after reviewing the game's football teams. But the best of all, it is also one of the best words to say. On the other hand, Milan's emperor, Paolo Maldini, whose football career started, is the time when Messi and Ronaldo are in the time of the end of the Phenomenon.

Receiving 25 years of football life, the love and devotion of the fans have given him the reputation of being the best and different from others. He has faced Fenomen, Dinho, Zidane, Beckham, Gigasadera footballers. The modernity and the creativity of the modern football preserves its hand.


At the age of 16, he made his debut in the Italian club AC Milan's 1985 club, Paolo Maldini. In the senior team, after two years of debut, Milan was surprised by his talent, then he decided to play in the European competition. Maldini won his first Champions League title in 1988-89 and was the third Champions League trophy in AC Milan's history. Maldini played as a backbone for the legendary Francisco France beside Barca, basically, after leaving Barça Milan, he was playing in the center back position from the backbone.


Apart from winning the first championship, along with the incredible success and talent at the young age, he called in the Italian national team. Paolo Maldini made his debut for Italy at the age of 19. Milan won the championship again the next year and Maldini was selected as the best footballer of the year. Basically two years of winning two championsallals, he turned his career bends.

When it proved that its power and the world were telling the end of the ancient golden generation of Milan the beginning of the second. At the age of 23, after having two championship titles beside his name, he was called by Bagha Bagha teams from Europe. But did not go out of Milan, because Milan was in control of the European club football empire. Ronaldo Phenomenon, Ronaldinho, Zidane's footballer


At the time, there was club football in Italy, most of the stars were playing in Italian leagues. Nevertheless, Milan was ruled alone in the Italian League. And after the Captain Around in Milan, Maldini himself was confronting the defense of Milan. Today La Liga has ruled European championships as a football trumpet, while the Italian teams were also in that position.


Maldini's name was the biggest fear of star players in the European competition as well as in the Italian league. His tackle, man-marking, clearance or team's aggressive play was all about the imitation of modern football. The goalkeeper is easy to fool, but Maldini did not have a sentence that became famous in Europe. Legend Ronaldinho once said, "Maldini and John Terry were the most difficult defenders to face in my football career".


Paolo Maldini has won all the titles in club football. Milan won five champions trophies that took Milan to the best teams in Qatar and made Maldini the legend. Milan has won 7 Italian League titles, 6 Italian Super Cups, 4 European Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups and 1 Club World Cup. Milan has won a total of 26 titles in 25 years of career.


It also played for Italy's total of 2 major tournament finals, with a 94 'World Cup finals second in 2000 in the Euro final, but in any case, luck did not support him. Italy's Captain Arbad has cried many nights, yet he has not spent countless nights or sleeping in Italy, and he has no trouble winning.

Legend Maldini has lost in one place and has never won a trophy for Italy, which has expressed its regret sometimes. So what? His achievement today is still remembered by all the people in Italy. Maldini, who was known to all as the 'Captain' at the time, will remain the best of all time in Italian football.

Two pages are needed for Maldini's personal awards. But not to mention the achievement of his achievements so much! Although he was a defender, he was twice in the top three in Balnadi. He also won the Silver Award for FIFA Player of the Year in 1995.

The Bhupathi-winning defender, who won the Champions XI tournament for the best XI in 3 times. Alastair XI of the World Cup has also been selected twice, once the Champions League final match. He holds the record for winning most (5 times) championship title as a footballer. In addition to this, there is a huge list of his personal achievements in Wikipedia.

In the Italian league played 647 matches and 174 matches played in the European competition. Paolo Maldini, who is the most finals of the Champions League, has played 8 times in total and is the only AC Milan player ever.

The record for most World Cup matches for Italy is the former Italian captain Captain Maldini. This legend has played the maximum number of matches for Milan. All his achievements, the record is enough to assess him.

Paolo Maldini, who was known as 'One Club Man' in football since his career since AC Milan, has been confronted with many obstacles, success, and adversity since his retirement in 2009. His 25 years of football life is one of football's highest goals in football history. For his defensive talent, Maldini was famous at first, he was called a type all-rounder.

When bad times came after Milan's golden past, the Premier League teams were ruling in football. On the other hand, the Italian League is almost dead. Then Real-Barca, like the Manuel-Liverpool team, wanted to keep him in the team with a sack of money. But he did not leave AC Milan, he has been away from the end of football life. During his long career, he had studied in a very small number of times.

His fitness was fantastic, which led to his lack of talent and a change in the quality of the game, but he was able to improve his position every day. In fact, Maldini's hand, with the help of modern football, is to maintain the conservative skill and discretion. Because of its no good video on YouTube, it was not good to see the real Maldini of the 90s to 2000, that Maldini was hotter than the Alps mountain volcano and terrific like the Pacific Ocean. Maldini was also the captain of Italy for a long time, leading Milan in the prosperity of Milan.

Because of not being able to leave Milan on time, the AC Milan Authority has lifted the number 3 jersey that has been attached to him at the Museum of San-Siro Stadium in Milan. And no one will ever be able to put the number 3 on the jersey of Milan. Because it's up to the Maldives to be grateful for gratitude.

It is normal for me to think that the footballer has spent all of her professional life, it would have been necessary for her to maintain the status of a red-white jersey. He gave Milan to Milan, in exchange for all the football talents that he had been in, Milan gave him the best defender in history.

Paolo Maldini, who holds all-time best defender with great love for AC Milan in the middle of earning so much, was born on 26 June 1968 in Milan, Milan, as the son of legendary Cesar Maldini. Father Caesar was one of the legendary legends of AC Milan and Italy's legendary coach. Basically, the football blood is found in the father. In 2009, when farewell to football, the 50-year-old legendary defender is still involved with football. He is a joint owner of Miami FC Football Club.

The 16-year-old boy, who graduated from the Milan Academy, who had graduated from the Academy, might have surpassed his father. It could have been imagined that the Milan authorities could have imagined. But over the centuries, history footballers will be able to establish themselves as the emperor of football, rather than all the defenders of football. Perhaps the name 'Paolo Maldini' would have been 'The Greatest Paolo Maldini'.

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