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Our system is similar to Netflix, only combined with the blockchain system, everything in order to serve the most popular content in the world - sports. The platform is decentralized and supports sports media resources, and is set to change how people can be interested in sports realities.

Fans have the opportunity to contact and participate together with their favorites, various teams or clubs, offline, making any digital actions with the help of smart contracts based on the technology of blockchain. And now realize what a powerful platform is obtained by combining the power of Netflix with the high blockchain technology. This is exactly what SportsFix is.
At the moment the system is at the stage of ascent in the business world, it starts its journey from Asian countries. It is our platform that broadcasts city or world events in a sports environment for millions of fans every day, and has the goal of becoming the best platform for video stream in the world.
Next, according to the plan of the SportsFix team, we will create own token, which will be a way of payment for users and will allow you to interact with all sports favs autonomously, making various transactions with the supported blockchain of smart contracts.

Our platform is a remote site for mobile devices and created to view digital stadiums in real-time. This is a godsend for fans of sports. SportsFix is ​able to display any sporting events of regional, international and world level. This platform is a revolution among digital sports grounds. The basis is the technology of blockchain and the possibility of separation and remoteness of sports media rights.
What is a digital stadium? This is the platform of future, which allows the fan to keep in touch with its favorite teams, coaches, clubs, and still get tokens from SportsFix for their activity.
The basis for such stadiums will have many levels to advertise the system and provoke development. The more people join the platform, the more features become available, which further warms the interest of users.

So far, there is no point in talking about the third stage of development, it will take place only in 2019. Now the main engine of the system is the SportsFix token, which also suits the digital stadium. It also fits well with the ERC20 token, which is built into the Etherium blockchain.
Therefore, the platform token is a link between fans and sports representatives, supporting mutually beneficial relations between them, focusing on live sports content in a huge ecosystem.
System tokens are used not only by fans, but also by clubs themselves, as well as by sponsors. As a user, you can spend tokens on access to stadiums, and as club or sponsor you can encourage fans to attend or participate. By the way, our tokens can be exchanged for any crypt currency.

Fans from all over the world can influence the progress of creating a revolutionary platform and sports information carrier, thanks to Etherium's blockchain and security-based, transparent and decentralized tokens.

What are the levels of the Stadium?
As it was said before, the development takes place in stages, as it is necessary to gradually promote the platform and increase the influence on development. With each level, new options open, and this attracts more people. This Stadium is a sample of a new generation, a token generator that is a bridge between sports persons and fans, and a guarantee for the number of people, and a reward for sincere participation.
Partial sales will take place first and until the end of June, and full sales in July-August 2018. The cost of one token is 0.10 dollars.
The note

Blockchain is a permanent decentralized system that affects operations with crypt currencies.
Crypt currency is a digital sign; it is a value that uses different methods of encryption to control the creation of currency units, as well as checks transfers of money that moves beyond the territory of the central bank.

Totals for tokens
Title - SportsFix Token (SFT)
Number - 800 million pieces
The cost of one token is 10 cents
Preliminary ICO - from 4 to 8 weeks
The amount from sale is 440 million
Discounts - from 30 to 50 percent
Minimum - 2 million dollars
Maximum - 37 million 200 thousand dollars

Website: https://www.sportsfix.io
Whitepaper: https://www.sportsfix.io/whitepaper/wp.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sportsfix_io
Telegram Group: https://t.me/SFICO
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4380637

Author: LapayN
My profile BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2257714
ETH Wallet: 0xAF8F44101FBAf8592e27e21169189982Eb2897aD

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