SportsFix (SFT) Presents Digital Sports Content Ecosystems Based on Blockchain Technology

Sportfix is ​​a platform that broadcasts local, regional and international sports games. SportsFix is ​​located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SportsFix is ​​owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA, a major sports content company in Asia. Why did I go to see my favorite team in the final, if only one or two clicks could bring on my cellphone stadium (regardless of my location or position) to me by lost stress.
Some challenges that shook the Sporting world
Traditional TV is an ancient model.
Arbitration games from larger players monopolize content.
Determination of bad content
Aggregate price increases due to complicated international systems
There is no incentive for agents to be transparent about prices and processes.
Fans have more content and channels than they really need
Rights holders sell the rights of all clubs / teams in league format
The media rights system is centralized.
The club's current income opportunities are limited by collective bargaining.
Unfair / Inequality of income redistribution to the club / team.
For the most part, abandoned fans around the world cannot access and view their favorite teams / leagues / shows
Financial constraints for (smaller) sports / leagues / clubs to effectively develop coherent digital strategies to reach these fans.
This platform offers a variety of solutions to the challenges above and because the solutions are not too many, we will only accept a few of them for the purpose of this article, full details are on the white paper project.
The SportsFix project is a revolutionary digital sports content ecosystem that combines the power of the Netflix platform with modern block chain technology to strengthen confidence and constant transparency through SF tokens (SFT) and the intelligent contract of the Ethereum network.
With the introduction of digital stadiums, fans will not only be able to see their favorite teams, but can also use their favorite teams, clubs and sponsors for whom they follow, communicate and receive rewards for participation in the token internal platform.
A sophisticated and transparent data analysis platform in conjunction with the SF DS economy allows us to serve refugee fans by allowing them to request SF catalogs with international content rights to vote and promise.
The SF-economic sign opens up new ways in which rights holders (associations / leagues / teams) live games symbolize their rights and create digital stadiums that can thrive this ecosystem between fans and sports. Rights holders can strengthen and use their fan base as their best marketers by using our SFT to connect with abandoned fans. Sports content tokens open new models of decentralized and universally accessible content distribution.
I am very happy that now, TV will not decide again
What game I watch IF I watch it How much do I have to pay
How it works
ICO token / Details
symbol: SFT
Placed Tokens: 800000000
Price tag (USD): 00:10
Presale: 4-8 Weeks
sell a total of SFTS: 440 million
Pre-sale discounts: 30-50%
minimum ceiling ($): 2,000. 000
maximum ($): 37,200,000
The token phase was issued discounted Fund Prices were triggered
Private presale 1 40,000,000 50% $ 0.05 $ 2,000,000
Private 2 presale 160 000 000 30% $ 0.07 $ 11.2 million
General Sales 240,000,000 - $ 0.10 $ 24,000,000
Total Tokens Given $ 440 million 37.2 million
The SportsFix digital stage is the ultimate fan experience that combines the excitement (VOD) of live and video-on-demand sports content with the power of social media, gamification, prediction, fantasy leagues and e-commerce.
Get the latest news about the project below:
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