The world moves on the network and reputation. Managing reputation and keeping networking active is part of the plan to stay ahead in your professional life. The traditional model of document and reputation verification system has many loopholes, which have created an inefficient model of operation. There are many challenges in the attestation and verification mechanism of traditional world, such as time taking, slow adoption of technology, the potential for theft and forgery etc.
Reference checks are one of the primary methods of verifying the credentials of a candidate in many situations in business and education. There is no any standard framework for the management of reputation of people and their credentials. A new system of the professional credential management system is required which can replace the traditional system. There is a requirement of a transparent platform which can manage the reputation and people to correctly verify their credentials.

Solution offered

SPRING is creating a decentralized platform for attesting your credentials from the verified attestors. Anyone can get their documents attested on the platform, which is supported by the blockchain technology. Managing your profile containing educational credentials and skills will be much easier since the people endorsing the skills will be your peers and professionals. Blockchain technology will create a transparent and decentralized reputation network for the users of the platform. They will be able to create their profile on the platform. Different kinds of attestors, such as companies, person, educational institutions and examination providers are present on the platform. They will play a key role in supporting the credentials on the platform and for their service, they will be rewarded by the platform.

Skill endorsements, educational qualification verification, work experience attestation and additional course attestation are the different kinds of attestation services offered on the platform. Skill score is another marvelous feature offered by the platform to the users, who will be able to showcase their skills more efficiently. Greater the skill score, better is the candidate on the platform. Providing companies with all the necessary tools to measure the progress and experience of a candidate is the ultimate aim of the platform. On the other hand, users on the platform get an opportunity to showcase their skill set to the potential employer.

People will no longer have to worry about the truthfulness of their credentials. Another great initiative taken by the team is the creation of skills project, which allows people from all over the world to showcase their skill. The project will help in the mapping different kinds of skills and correlation with various parameters, such as geography, age, and gender. This is an open source project.


10 Billion Tokens are created for the project in which 25% of the tokens are reserved for public sale. Public pre-sale is currently live on the platform, and the dates for the ICO are yet to be announced. 45% of the funds will be spent on building a strong ecosystem, while 40% of the development of the platform. The team has previous work experience in the Blockchain technology and startups.


We begin our career with a set of limited skills and experience, but as move ahead in our career, we accumulate the experience and network. The structure to verify and manage the skills has fallen upon the digital technology. Professional platforms like Linkedin are breeding ground for the management of network and keeping your resume up to date.

SPRING network will also incentivize the developers working on the creation of value-added services based on the protocol developed by the team. The future of the verification and attestation will be much more transparent and reliable with the integration of the blockchain technology. This application is just the beginning of the revolution which is being created by the blockchain technology. I think they have realized the potential of the blockchain technology in the world of attestation.

Website - https://springrole.com/

Whitepaper - https://docsend.com/view/k5nghff

ANN - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3556999.0

Telegram - https://t.me/springrole

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