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The ever-increasing pace of globalization and development of digital technologies, create new standards of requirements for employees, especially in the IT sphere. Many of the developers have extensive experience in a particular field, but due to the bureaucracy in education and HR - do not always have the opportunity to confirm their qualifications. And even if there is such an opportunity — for its implementation requires to collect dozens of different documents.

Employers are increasingly faced with the problem of the impossibility of checking the quality of education of a specialist, because the summary is not always accurate information. Employees include false facts, skills, or jobs in a resume. This is done to improve the chances and overcome competition in the market. Due to the lack of regulation and control of feedback about employees, it is not always possible to determine the performance of a particular candidate. HR-s of different companies have to create their own database of feedback about employees, but access to them has only a limited number of persons.

The main goal of the SpringRole project team is to create a global decentralized platform for keeping records of all individual achievements of employees. All participants of the platform have the opportunity to modify their resumes, their personal pages will contain all the detailed information about their education, skills and achievements in previous jobs. Similar features are available in some existing projects, but SpringRole developers have gone further and introduced the ability to confirm all data entered by organizations. For example, information about education will confirm the University, because it has reliable information about the user's qualifications. Previous employers will be able to leave feedback on the quality of the employee, which will create a healthy and objective system of analysis of the candidate.

For the implementation of this project, a system of certification will be used. The employer will be able to view the personal pages of certified candidates and be fully confident that all the information on the page is accurate. Such innovation can change the usual order of employment, especially in the field of IT, creating an ecosystem based on trust and honesty. Accounts which provide false information will be immediately banned.

The development team is represented by experienced IT-specialists familiar with the industry. This always has a positive effect on the success of the project. The site and WhitePaper provide detailed data about the participants, which is not surprising, given the direction of SpringRole. In any case, it causes additional confidence in the project.

To implement economic independence and stimulate participants, an internal spring token was developed. It will be used to encourage certified users, reward for inviting new members. Companies will use spring token to gain access to the profiles of certified participants. You can buy tokens on the ICO, the initial price of the token will be 1 SPRING=0.00002 ETH. The project has already gathered softcap, and plans to raise 13 million by the end of the ICO. The developers have already demonstrated the performance of their system by running a demo version of the platform. Users can already verify the quality and speed of the platform.

The project SpringRole aimed at the regulation of relations between professionals and employers. It allows for honest and open dialogue between participants, avoiding all forms of mediation. The absence of competitors, an experienced team, a ready-made demo version of the product and an original idea — all these elements make us understand that the project will be interesting for both users and investors.

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