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As practice shows, one desire is too little to find and buy a suitable comfortable housing, because today the search algorithm has become more complicated. It is better to entrust this matter to people who know it and have a professional interest in it.

The decision to buy a property is very responsible, there are plenty of scammers in this market. Be extremely careful not to sign documents until you study each line in them and do not pay with cash. Trust only professionals and then your housewarming will be around the corner! And I want to introduce you to such professionals who apply new technologies in the real estate industry.

STAY is a real estate development service based on blockchain. The service offers many solutions to problems for any real estate projects. , Also STAY providing a legal and transparent booking system without intermediaries with the help of modern technologies blockchain. In addition, all STAY estates are equipped with smart technologies, such as smart assistants and smart door locks. On the platform there is an experienced team with 10-year practice in the development. Token is based on ERC-20 Ethereum technology and smart contracts. It is used as a guarantor of security and payment of internal transactions and as a reward for participants.

STAY Villa and Hotel ("STAY") is also a real estate management platform owned by Far East Power Limited ("FEP"). FEP is a real estate development company with a core business in the development and management of mixed use communities and commercial real estate projects in Asia. STAY Villa and Hotel Limited ("SVHL") is a subsidiary of FEP and will be the legal entity responsible for selling STAY tokens.

SVHL also uses blockchain technology in its hotel operations to address some of the key problems in the hotel industry. Blockchain is designed to eliminate intermediaries and reduce the high cost in a traditional centralized system. By integrating its hotel operations with block communication, SVHL can manage complex transactions in a simple way, check customer information and protect data in an economical way, and provide physical and digital access controls in our properties provided by intelligent home technologies.

STAY Villa and Hotel Limited ("SVHL") is a subsidiary of FEP, which will act as the legal entity responsible for selling STAY tokens during this Initial Offer of Coins (ICO).

Advantages of the STAY project
Focus on the development of real estate in Asia. SVHL focuses on the development of real estate projects in Asia, including multi-purpose projects, residential real estate projects and commercial projects, as well as provision of accommodation and related services to tourists. Being the launching project of SVHL, STAY plans to update the portfolio of exclusive villas and hotels through the introduction of smart home technologies in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, in Bali. Attractive value of the token. Initially, STAY tokens will be sold at a discount, with the holders of the tokens entitled to use each token as payment for daily living in STAY real estate objects during the first year. With each year one token can be paid for one day more, until each token will not give the right to free stay for 7 consecutive days.

Improving the operation of hotels through blockchain. SVHL uses the blockchain to carry out its activities in order to resolve some of the key problems in the hospitality industry, such as the high cost of verification and the numerous intermediaries when booking. By integrating its work with blockchain technologies, SVHL can manage complex booking transactions in an easy way, collect customer information and protect data, and provide physical and digital access controls in its real estate sites that can be leveraged with smart home technologies.

SVHL plans to sell its tokens (STAY tokens) in order to develop the technologies of block and smart homes in real estate properties of its portfolio, as well as expand its real estate development projects through the initial offering of coins using digital platforms. The purpose of this ICO is the sale of tokens for $ 10 million. The funds received during the ICO are supposed to be used as follows:
Ecosystem of crypto currency. In addition to the ability to pay for crypto-currencies, the cost of numbers, technology of smart contracts and blockage also allow payment of other services offered on the site, subject to compliance with local regulatory requirements. In addition, SVHL plans to establish cooperation with sellers and service providers supporting the use of crypto currency, so that travelers can enjoy the convenience of detachment technologies even while traveling. SVHL strives to become a key factor contributing to the introduction of blocking technologies in popular tourist places. The concept of tokens. Holders of STAY tokens will have the right to stop in the exclusive villas and hotels included in the SVHL portfolio, including all real estate objects located in Bali and beyond.

Main functions of STAY tokens
-One STAY token will give holders of the tokens the right to a daily living in a room in a villa or hotel (the number of people is limited) for one year with payment only for maintenance and cleaning, as well as a surcharge for accommodation in rooms in villas or in a hotel relating to category, which is above the category of increased comfort. SVHL can burn tokens received as payment for placement.
-The service charge will be determined in accordance with the standard fare for the room in the villa or hotel. For example, during non-seasonal time, the service charge may be 10% of the room cost, while in the high season - from 30% to 50%. The minimum service charge is $ 10 per day.
-Holders of tokens can book accommodation during off-season and at high season for 6 and 3 months respectively.
-According to the SVHL plan, after three years from the date of purchase of the property, it can be purchased by the holders of the tokens via crypto currency or fiat currency at the auction (starting at its base cost), if the holders of the tokens vote on the platform with tokens for conducting such an auction by the majority of the votes.
-Real estate properties will also be listed on other major web sites for online hotel reservations, such as hotels, in order to generate greater returns for the STAY portfolio.
-The validity of the tokens does not have any limitations, while in the portfolio there are owned real estate objects.

Terms ICO
SVHL adheres to its own policy of "Know Your Customer" ("KYC"), under which it reserves the right to request personal information about its customers and tokens holders for participation in ICO and reservation of rooms in STAY real estate objects. In addition, SVHL intends to use escrow to withhold funds received during the ICO. The transfer of SVHL escrow funds will occur only after the successful completion of the ICO and subject to the implementation of the development plan.

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