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The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world.
Because of the access to the internet we are able to get information about one of the most incredible crypto-project which is known as STEALTHCRYPTO

StealthCrypto is a decentralized global and quantum meshed network by Stealth Grid. Quantum Cyber ​​Security for a new era of communication - They are developing the largest network of decentralized, incentive-based, self-sustainable quantum networks based on blockchain technology. Using proprietary end-to-end dynamic split encryption, dynamic split-geodistribution and quantum number generation, quantum key distribution, and authentication. The ultimate in secure quantum cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. The team is creating a single Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that will be far superior to all existing, secure, private, and on-demand identification systems.

StealthCrypto and the Stealth Grid development team boast strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of R & D employees including an international team of security experts and a number of world-famous cryptographers.

Furthermore, Stealth Crypto is a platform created to provide a safe place to store all data and cryptocurrency transactions quickly. The word 'safe' represents the platform's ability to make every transaction undetectable by others (unknown to others in blockchain). It is a decentralized and autonomous technology.

About StealthGrid

StealthGrid is a blockchain-powered platform, which facilitates an enhanced data protection service by integrating existing renewable technology into the cyber security industry. StealthGrid has created a cyber-security ecosystem that shares and keeps data more safely. The platform leverages a system that directly encrypts data in a high-performance way. It offers a network and data protection that is perfect for services such as Cloud Storage.

The Goal

The main goal of the Stealth Grid is to simplify the most secure, reliable, modern and advanced, decentralized and autonomous cryptography and encryption technologies and make them accessible to all. Stealth Grid is the first network to adopt the blockchain for real-time communication networks and industrial use. By joining the Stealth Grid eco-network, you can do everything you've done before: conversations, calls, exchange photos / videos and documents, without having to worry about security and privacy issues in your virtual world, whether your communication for personal or professional purposes. That is why it is called Stealth Grid Living Stealth in the digital network.

The Problem

The current storage of data, telecommunications, video calling software and instant messaging are not completely secured and are easily prone to investigation and utilization by governments, corporations and malevolent third parties, as well as being less resourceful and economical than might be expected.

The advancement and economies are facing a technological insurgency. In an interconnected world, cyber-security becomes fundamental to individuals, governments, cities as well as enterprises. Currently, most individuals and companies are not prepared to provide sufficient security regarding their communication. Stealth Grid intends to put up variation to that.

The Solution

To combat this looming security crisis; we need a robust decentralized, independent, major mesh network that works across most different standards of device communication. Stealth Grid’s major cyber security solutions make decentralization, encryption and authentication faster, easier and stronger. Stealth Grid in one way or the other protects data from being conceded by using proprietary Stealth Crypto dynamic end-to-end split data encryption layered with Polymorphic Hashed Encryption which is Dynamically Split Geo Distributed, creating a meshed decentralized network for Stealth Crypto telecommunications, authentication, and data that uses proprietary AI Cyber Security.

Business Model

StealthCrypto has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. Our high-performance network encryption for long-term data protection Quantum key generation and quantum key distribution. StealthCrypto makes cloud storage, IoT , and communications secure, and faster with StealthCrypto’s patented StealthCrypto.

Quantum Cyber Security

Building a decentralized system of telecommunications and information storage is a stage for Stealthgrid. Besides decentralization, this communication system is also the bonus, independent, decentralized, independent, and complex telecommunication. While to allow it to occur Stealthgrid use blockchain technology.

The Stealthgrid system does the energy of information storage, telecommunications, and integrated communications which exist now. The embodiment of the would be to create architectural changes in server-centric systems into decentralized networks which will be owned and run by consumers.

Mesh Network of STEALTHCRYPTO Delivered Quantum Entropy

Quantum-powered StealthCrypto entropy engine cryptography that provides full quantum entropy (one quantum entropy bit per output bit) at the rates required for the data center, cloud, large-scale Internet (loT) and mobile applications. This will increase with the adoption of our decentralized Quantum mesh network that will create a quantum supercomputer.

With StealthCrypto NAS and the Smartphone model, StealthCrypto distributes the true entropy of a quantum source to correctly generate random numbers in data centers and networked devices (a concept similar to the NTP protocol) to ensure a consistent date / time.

Cryptography - Authentication

IBE authentication

Numeric identity





The Advantages

StealthCrypto Trust Centers (TC), or NAS systems, provide true peer-to-peer communication and data storage that can be integrated on one chip and can be configured for secure cross-domain communication between Standalone Trust Center or StealthCrypto Cloud. NAS servers. In this way, it's social by design. Stealth Grid products and solutions are based on the underlying thinking of creating a secure interaction ecosystem for consumers and business customers. Business opportunities today are diverse. Stealth Grid intends to position itself as a pioneer, global influencer and thought leader when it comes to using blockchain for cybersecurity purposes.


The StealthCrypto token is essential to the function of the StealthCrypto ecosystem. StealthCrypto is a functional token that will be used on the platform to access various features, products and fees. In addition, as StealthCrypto's services and products become more liquid and valuable over time, we expect they could be used to rebalance individual portfolios. In other words, the liquidity generated by StealthCrypto can allow users to move allocations between different currencies quickly and easily.

Token Details

Token Name: QMN

Currencies: US, ETH, BTC, LTC

Platform: Ethereum

Location: Gibraltar


Total token supply: 400,000,000

200,000,000 tokens for Stage 1 Token Crowdsale

Pre Tokens Sale to start on January 28, 2018. The initial token price (ICO) will be set at a minimum of S0 .50, or present market value above S0 .50, when ICO launches July 05, 2018. 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Stage 2 Token Crowdsale (50% of total).

Stage 2 will happen no sooner than 2020, and all tokens will be sold at market price, not at a fixed $0 .50 USO value (important note: all percentage below will be adjusted in accordance with actual amount raised, e.g. if we sell 70M of 1 00M tokens, the following numbers will be multiplied by 0.007)


The StealthCrypto Fund operates as part of our business model, ensuring a stable token with a bright future. It is in our best interests to ensure that the STEALTHCRYPTO™ purchasing power grows over time and market manipulation is avoided. A total of 400 million tokens will be issued. This is how it breaks down in dollars during planning - the actual price is subject to change:


Use Of Proceeds


Q1 2018, Quantum Cyber Security Solutions, to launch the peer communication product for cloud storage, file sharing, email and data encryption

Q2 2018, StelathCrypto Distributed Network, meshed PTP cloud storage network, in the end, dynamic split encryption with disruptive authentication algorithms

Q3 2018, Qubit Blockchain Development, to develop the Qubit platform and testing all thing to make sure it worked

Q4 2018, Blockchain Launching, Launch the blockchain system of the StealthCrypto

Q2 2019, Qubit Exchange Launching, in the end, Qubit Exchange will launch in the Q2 of 2018


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