RaiBlocks - In Depth Look! (Can It Keep Pumping?)

Raiblocks has made an extreme parabolic move in the last couple of weeks. I only learned about it three days ago when it drop out of warp speed and was cruising on the first page of CoinMarketCap. With feeless and instant transfers is this going to be enough for people to keep pumping it.? Right now it is on two smaller exchanges but they are trying to get on Binance. There has been an insane amount of volume which could keep pushing this up into the top 10. I have taken a speculative investment on this project but in the end STEEM can already do the instant transactions for no fees. I demonstrate that in the video.

People are curious about this project and the premise that each transaction is in its own block and that you mine your own block is very interesting.

In the end there is no incentive to run a full node since the max supply is already out and there are no miners. My worry is that it could get a little too centralized if the group running it has to essentially pop up all the full nodes to keep the system running well.

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