[ SCAM ALERT ] : Be Aware of @steemitsecurity sending memo messages to scam Steemians

Scam Alert: Do not respond to @steemitsecurity and their instructions !

As Steemit becomes more and more known in the world, we also attract a lot of new scammers to Steemit. People that are mainly here to get a quick buck with no emotions to those losing in this fight.

Today i received a Wallet Memo Message warning me that the security my account is compromised, and with the instructions to email them and await instructions. You can see the following message below and can be found in my wallet history.

What are they trying to do ?

They are trying to figure out as much information about you as possible. The more information you provide them the better they can become in hacking your Steemit account, or any other account with the same password as most people commonly use the same password for multiple accounts. In this case they first try to figure out your email, because there is a great chance that you send them a mail with the email that is also connected to Steemit. Once you respond they will try to figure out more information slowly by gaining your trust over time, and acting as professional as possible.

What do we know and why is this a scam ?

So lets first be very clear. Steemit as part of the bigger picture (The Blockchain) does not have a costumer support nor a security team. You are responsible for the safety of your account and you only. There is no place you can run to when shit hits the fan, and there are no security accounts (people) working to serve you and your needs. You yourself are in charge and responsible for the safety of your logins.

@steemitsecurity is pretending to be a Steemit security providing you a service to warn you on your account security and give instructions may be necessarily. But do they really ? There is no way in the world for them to know my account security. Without my keys you do know nothing more then my account name and the info "I" do provide. They pretend to send you instructions but they ONLY try to get as much information from as as possible.
SO DO NOT SEND @steemitsecurity ANY INFORMATION !!

Spread the word and Stop @steemitsecurity ! I can only spread the word so far so i need you guys and girls to help me spread the word even further, and help us in protecting the minnows and all Steemit users. It's a beautiful platform and the best there is out there, and we need to protect this platform against any kind of harm. Resteem this blog or make a blog of your own and spread the word about these scammers trying to mislead unknowing good people. !


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