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Dear brothers and sisters of my wonderful @esteem community good morning, friends I am inviting you all to join our hands to boost the reach of raw audience to #Steemit platform as after our precious support STEEM will automatically get listed on the NIFFLER platform where thousands of enthusiastic investors and traders come to play and trade cryptocurrencies everyday and if we follow the below given points our STEEM will be automatically available there as a pair and it will improve the visibility and curiosity about our platform among the enthusiastic Crypto community.

What is Niffler platform?

Niffler is an automated exchange which allows you to take part in online trading of Cryptocurrencies without taking the risk of your real money and the best part is if you make some handsome returns on your trades this platform allows you to teach the newbies and for this they are rewarding every trader with real money so it's a complete win-win situation for everyone.

So friends simply follow these given below steps to support our STEEM to get listed on

  1. Go to this link and signup an account on with your email or google account.




  1. Choose a unique username for your account.


  1. Follow any three traders and you will able to see their trades on your feed.


  1. Hurray. You done everything and automatically submitted your support to STEEM as platform automatically counted your vote after registration. For signup bonus they are rewarding you with $100000 play bonus which can be used for trading and if you done your trades wisely this can bring you handsome money and plenty of fan following.



So dear friends all done and for your 2 minutes efforts our Steem is pushing to it's desired goal of 5000 members.

Friends to get extra boost for your efforts make a post on Steemit with hashtag #NifflerOnSteem and follow the official page of Steem on Twitter and nominate your five 5 friends or tag them to promote this listing process and encourage them to vote for Steem on

Friends, I am nominating these friends @francisk @oodeyaa @raghao @artguru @acidyo and @adsactly

So dear friends come and show your love to out Steem.

With love and respect.


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