Application To Be A Yensesa Trustee

# Who or what is yensesa?

[Yensesa]( is from the Akan language which is translated as ***Let's Exchange.*** Akan is a widely spoken language here in Africa.  [Yensesa]( is an exchange that allows the conversion of Fiat to Cryptocurrency and vice versa across Africa. It currently works with Steem and Steem Backed Dollars(SBD) with plans on adding more currencies soon. [Yensesa]( is available in Ghana and Nigeria with expansion underway to cover all of Africa.

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# Being a [Yensesa]( Trustee

A Trustee is someone given powers of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified.

A [Yensesa]( Trustee is a fiat merchant responsible for ensuring that there is enough liquidity within the [Yensesa]( ecosystem. The are to make sure that, whenever someone wants to perform a transaction, there is enough funds for it to go through.

I would like to put my name out and apply to be a @yensesa Trustee. Trustees will make deposits in [Yensesa]( reserves for 90 days or until the funds is used up. I will work to make sure [Yensesa]( reserves never runs dry. I will help make [Yensesa]( a global name when it comes to fiat to crypto exchange. I will engage the existing Ghanaian community on the importance of working with [Yensesa]( to make it a success. I will always speak and act in a manner that will make all who hear about [Yensesa]( want to partner with it.

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# [Yensesa]( is here to stay

Read more about becoming a [Yensesa]( Trustee [here]( If you have any questions or contributions, please reach [Yensesa]( on [Discord](

Vote for @yensesa as witness [here](


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