Steemit and not only... The main task is to drag the into the mega-investment zone

For several days I visited to steemit. I can not even describe what happens to the audience. Perhaps there is reason for such behavior. Looking at the domestic stock market, I noticed that steemI fell in price. now its value is 0.69 SBD. 

That is, now there is simply an excellent situation for investing in steemit. The last big changes on steemit on that have passed not so long ago allowed to prepare and adapt to the possible hard fork on

not just a proverb appeared "who owns the information, he owns the world" 

The last few days activity has been reduced by

what to say, if your humble servant was in the top 100 curators of the project. 

Of course for me this is a pleasant situation and there is a pride that such a high result is achieved

recently I use the opportunities to popularize the project, and to train new people to contact the interface and the most active representatives.

the most difficult task is to set the tone for the bulk of the people in the draft

if you are tired, better put the project on a pause ... It's hard when you do something for a long time, and then in an instant you realize that the price of your efforts is zero

Indians often pronounce this phrase when they do something, and nmx does not work - "if your business goes like smoke to the sky from a fire, then stop throwing wood in your frustration"

you know that everyone in life has times when the coin falls constantly to the other side.

when the night ends, there will surely be a day.

so in this post I pursue a selfish goal. my name on steemit @tandemus also )

subscribe, leave your comments . I'll try to subscribe to you as well and leave under your publications the likes and comments. my nickname is on steemit @tandemus same

this is not the first publication with my English, which is slightly above average and is not always clear to the inhabitants of Australia

the most important thing is the wish of my friends - keep the rhythm, always keep the rhythm. Then and only then you can swim against the current in the direction that you need and not everyone else

thank's for my friends

with you was live @tandemus

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