CEO: Central Banks Will Hold Crypto In Reserve In 2018

BlockChan. According to CEO Peter Smith, the central bank will make cryptocycurrency with gold and foreign exchange in 9 00.

Speaking in a brief interview on CNBC's Coin Rush segment, Smith predicted that next year the first incorporation in Crypto's traditional financial institutions would be seen:

"I think this year will be the year when we will start capturing digital currencies as part of our balance sheet to central banks."

Rapid growth of bitcoin this year, from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 in January this week, has attracted attention of banks, governments and regulators globally. In some markets, banks have different and sometimes polarization in the future of cryptocurrency. Has adopted the ideas of.

While South Korea announced it will become the first big bank to offer Bitcoin purse to its customers, the Danish Central Bank called Bitcoin "deadly" and asked citizens to stay away from that.As a trend, Smith continued, the central bank would begin releasing its own branded digital assets at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year. Many governments, including Russia, are planning to issue national digital currency, and Dubai has already decided to do so.

During the interview, when asked about the possibility of a "major piracy" crypto in space in the future, Smith said that for about five months since the last major stolen ecosystem was "due next month or In two. "Speaking of his own business, he told CNBC:

"We have been one of the biggest goals for a long time, it keeps you busy."


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