Gold Stars are Aligning and The Perfect Storm is Brewing Folks...


The stage is being set folks. I have been watching this unfold for over 2 years now. Alot of times people are early in the market especially when they are placing bets up or down, calls or puts. However for you stackers that are waiting patiently I believe the perfect storm is arising. there are three keys here and I believe the latter half of 2018 is going to shake out to be the being of a generation.

1. Stocks back to Highs

  1. Dollar Bounce
  2. Silver leads
  3. Dollar Crashes
  4. Commodity and Crypto Bull ensues.

You can see the beginning of all of these starting already. Let's dive in.

"Stage 1 - Stocks back to highs"
I have been saying stocks were going to hold the 200 day MA and I went long IWO 100% in the 401k here as I am begining to take some off and move it into EEM (considering I do not have a commodities and metals index fund to choose from which is bullshit but oh well).

Here is the SPX holding the 200 Day MA like leonidas and the 300, and IWM and IWO ripping back to new highs.


And here is the IWM ripping shorts faces off back to all time highs.


Stage 1 CHECK

"Stage 2 - Dollar Bounce"
The dollar had to bounce. Since the economist top ticked the dollar and got everyone mega bullish at 105 (of which I wasn't in Dec 2016 - - You can't make this shit up folks)
the dollar has been slammed down. It was very oversold and broke support. It HAD TO BOUNCE to get everyone bullish again and has gone up in a straight line since. Now what doe we have???

Yours Truly @CNBC coming through for us here. Check it out.


This is what I am expecting now that we are swinging the boat back bullish dollar. The Dollar Crash (stage 4).

Stage 2 CHECK

"Stage 3 Silver Leads "
Silver is riskier in the eyes of the bankers and has ever since led from the beginning. Silver will lead gold. If gold is leaving THIS IS NOT THE ONE. Silver WILL be the leader here and gold will blow it off down the road. I am looking for SILVER to make the first move here..


Stage 3

"Stage 4 - Dollar Crashes"
And here is the chart I am referencing from above and what I expect to happen to the dollar. This will cause inflation, a huge rate spike and metals to roar. Keep Stackin'.


Stage 4

"Stage 5 - Commodity Bull ensues"
and lastly what we have all been waiting for. As you can see this is very suppressed. You have not been the only ones stacking as JPM has cornered the silver market ( ). There is alot of built up energy down here on this graph.


I am expecting this to continue to turn up like many of the commodities already have in 2018 and to start this generational bull market.


Looking for Gold to make this rounding bottom and break up to 1420 on this first move here.



Stage 5

And last I have learned this with Bitcoin...think bigger.


Gold 5000+ at least in my opinion...

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