a sad story made by me. part 2

Now we were good friends and finally she gave me her number. we went home together by which rahul and harshita was angrry with me because these day i was busy with jagriti . every moment with jagriti was very important for me. we talkedall day but it was very less. we enjoy and laugh together. we make fun of other persons and we are very happy together but still she didnt now that i love her. we did many funny things like we make stupid faces and laugh we make fun of trainers and knock the trainers door and run whie othere trainer and teaching but one day everything changed . while she knock door her feet get twisted and the female trainer saw her when we reached at class after 5 min that female trainer come to our training room and scold her very badly in front of all class. i wanted to stand and say stop to that femaletrainer but jagriti holded my hand and said no to me . after that trainer gone she started crying and suddenly her breath level got very high and she started struggling oxygen she was pointing on her bag than i checked her bag i found there was her pump it was a Asthama pump. she used pump her breath got normal than suddenly she fall down . i grab her on my hand and run out of company . rahul said that day i was ran like mad and i was looking very mad rahul said he saw me first time like that. i stopped auto riskshaw and we reached hospital doctor said me to call her parents immediately. i called my trainer than he found her parents number on her documents. her parents came but they were not her mom and dad they are her uncle . i didnt understand why her father and mother sent her uncle in that condition . after 2 hour i was with her than she woke up . she asked me is she die?. so i said you are not allowed to die before me . she just huged me that time. there are many mixed feeling that day.

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