Am I luck or not

Am I lucky or not

I am not a superhero..
Or not a famous zoro..
I never won election by votes..
Am I lucky or not
My life is messed up in court..
Or I got worst people near home..
Everyone teasing me without my fault..
Noone friendly with me , I'm alone..
Or I had pathetic food on restaurant..
Do I blame myself or god
Am I lucky or not
Everyone won a race of 1.2 milion participants..
When we born we beat 1.2 milion looser.
If we born than we are one..
We won the life's biggest race..
So why we afarid from life's case..
We are lucky enough to live life..
Don't say you are unlucky next time..
If Like other participants we got fail..
We are not here to talk on that..
We are unique and we have alot...
So tell me.....
Am I lucky or not
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