I believe


I feel the words are bearing in my mind
Like sunny light is rising in the morning,
Like treasure I have lost and ought to find,
Like heavy stones in mine that slowly turning.

I feel my body as a temple of soul
With opened doors for everyone who’s starving,
With golden cups designed to shine for all
Who find the way to look for God with loving.

I see my way as path to love and peace
In runny windy day through Rocky Mountains
And if this world a little warmer is -
The way is true with not a bit of doubtings.

I realize my life depends on God
Who loves me still in spite of I’ve been making.
It’s just His love to be my own reward,
The only thing for future livings taking.

Thy love, my Lord, is happiness and health,
The force for turning world, decreasing never.
I firmly know there is no other wealth.
I just believe in God, and that’s forever!

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1.585 GOLOS
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На Golos с 2018 M06

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