WTF! She stood me up! I can't believe this. After all the trouble I went through to make this night perfect, she didn't show. Worst of all, her phone is off. I really can't believe this. After all the positive vibes she showed me, she didn't come.

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Kwame shook with rage at the restaurant of the Holiday Inn Hotel. He had planned this night for 4 whole days. He had made provisions for everything, and even booked a room hoping for a happy ending after everything. After all the time and his efforts, Anaana stood him up.

Seeing her beautiful smile in his head almost made him smile, but he remembered he was still angry. His mind took him back to where they first met. It was at a conference in this very hotel. A conference for upcoming African entrepreneurs who were making a difference.

They were the only 2 Ghanaian entrepreneurs. Participants from 18 African countries had gathered together to find ways of solving the problems of Africa through action and entrepreneurship. Anaana was the most beautiful girl at the conference, and Kwame couldn't help staring at her.

2 weeks after the conference, here he was at the Holiday Inn Hotel all alone. He's been calling Anaana for 30 minutes now and she wasn't answering. How could she be this cruel. She could have just informed him she couldn't make it. Seems it's time to call it a loss and head back home. Kwame had a feeling he wouldn't hear from Anaana ever again.

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