She Disappears one night

Alissa had to get by, that was life. By whichever means possible, it was up to her. She loves going out with rich men and it's not like that was a mistake. They had easy cash to burn, and if they were looking for fun aside their wives, how was that her business. Her mother and sister had decided to play by the rules and see where that has gotten where.

His sister helped her mother sell food stuffs in the local market. They were missing out on all the good things life has to offer. Her mother refused to accept anything from her, as she called it dirty money. I will not end up like her, Alissa vowed. I refuse to be poor whilst I can have the finer ad expensive things in life. Alissa drank the rest of her whiskey and set off for her apartment.

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Alissa got up from bed the next day with a massive headache. Well, what did she expect after embarking on a drinking spree last night. Alissa got ready for work in her usual provocative and attractive attire. Her job as a receptionist in one of the country's biggest hotels gave her the opportunity to meet big men who sponsored her lavish lifestyle. She was in for a surprise this morning.

The wife of her latest conquest stood in front of her desk, waiting menacingly. Before Alissa could settle in, she had already received the slap of her life. The woman's message was clear and simple, I know your kind. Gold digger and prostitute. Stay away from my husband else you will regret it.

Alissa realized she had bitten more than she can chew. She was advised to hand in her resignation a short while after the incident. Alissa knew it was time to cut her losses when an unknown number texted her later in the day, threatening to expose her darkest secrets.

She had bought her university grades with her body. How the mysterious person had found out baffled her. Nobody knew about that. Whiles everyone was in dream land, Alissa grabbed her most expensive jewelry and left. She left everything behind. Her phone, her family, her apartment. She had to get away. It was time for her to disappear.

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