The Only Child

Nana Ama couldn't wait to get out the village. She hated almost everyone and everything in Kwahu. She wanted the big cities and flashy lights. Unlike surrounding villages, Kwahu had electricity and good roads. There were a lot of nice houses all around, so her parents couldn't understand why she hated the village. They had all tried to make Nana Ama enjoy village life, but all proved futile. She just wanted to go to Accra, the capital city.

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Nana Ama looked down on everyone in the village. Her parents feared what she might think of them, as they couldn't afford to move to the city. They were peasant farmers and they didn't know how to earn a living in a city as big as Accra. Nana Ama was their only child, and they always made sure to give her everything she might need. They often went beyond their means just to keep Nana Ama happy, but she never appreciated. She always thought she deserved more.

When it was time for Nana Ama to go to senior high school, she saw that as the best time to move out of the village. She choose Accra Girls Senior High School, even after her parents had begged her to choose a school that was closer. Her parents had said, "we can't visit you if your school is that far away, please choose a school that is much closer so we could come visit you. This even made her happier as she didn't want to introduce her "poor" parents to the kind of rich friends she's going to have.

The day finally came for Nana Ama to live Kwahu for Accra on her own, to start her secondary school education. She bid her dad, the town and everything in it farewell, hoping she wouldn't need to come back. She arrived safely in school with her mum and went through the registration process without any hustle. Soon she knew which dormitory she would be and it was time for her mum to go. A lot of students were yet to come, as she arrived in the school too early. Only few people saw her with her mum, before her mum left for the village.

to be continued...

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