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Today I want to talk briefly about something that many people struggle with from time to time, and that is being silent about your success. This can really come off as a bit of arrogance, which is not a very welcome personality trait to most people. I believe that there is a time and place for it all, but whenever I think about this, I have a few people that pop into my head. These people, both men and women, are very successful in their respectful fields, have more money than they know what to do with, but when I think of them I almost cringe. There are ways to make statements without being overly loud about it, and you will be respected more.
SO yes, I was talking about a bit of extreme there. We are thinking success over the little battles right? Worked hard at your job and get a great promotion, yes that is something to gloat about a bit! Not to the point of making others uncomfortable or come off extremely arrogant about it. A lot of this sharing is based on the relationships with who you are talking to as well. I used to be (and still am in some cases) way too open about my life and what is going on in it. I have been cutting this back dramatically though over the last year or two.

Moving in silence until it happens. I am about to make two major changes in my life that I am extremely excited for. One of which a lot of people that I work with know about, mainly because it is a shift in career for the better. I am stoked! This is something a fair amount of people know about because it involves other people taking over my job and I need to train them. On another note, I have something big going on this weekend that no one knows about, and people may find out, and I could easily talk to many and share what I am doing with my family this weekend, but there is no reason behind it. It will make me feel great when it is over, I will have "succeeded" and happy about it, but this silent success makes a statement to others when they find out rather than being arrogant and too bold. This builds on the confidence and charisma post that I talked about the other day as well.

Little or big steps in the right direction, the plan, the achievements...let them speak for themselves, rather than you speak for them. People can really use this against you if they want to hold you back or bring you down.

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