State Security Code (STS)

State Security Code (STS) is a revolutionary digital money that focuses on security, efficiency and usability of the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate within Ethereum's fast and secure block. The STS not only recognizes early adopters and long-term owners, it is also the first and only currency to implement the "situation-based promotion program" (SBIP).
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STS problem?
Like the ".com" advertisement in the late 1990s, the market explains the extreme volatility with the exponential growth of the electronic money industry. For example, thousands of electronic money is being introduced every month. It is a wilderness of the financial world because it is impossible for the interaction of values ​​and reading in the market.

At the end of the day, the complexity of the trading floor, the necessity of data that can not be used mainly, the nature of the currency High risk, the extreme variability of the market and issues Dumping tendencies have all components, Other practical towels. This means the safe and efficient purchase and storage of the digital portfolio of truly complex problems. One of them still makes it impossible for many investors to even immerse their feet in the world of electronic money.

The State Security Code (STS) provides a highly unstable market stability and security to create a future that both investors and experienced investors can acquire. The stock owns the STS stock.

How? Yes, our team believes that by integrating with the emergence of Wallet application technology, we can introduce unique unique SBIP. . Using this model, we can provide incentives to those holding STS tokens that are loyal to maintaining the growth and integrity of electronic money.

Our SBIP will promote the growth of currency value through community trust and maintenance of STS as well as how bonds maintain value based on the market share of 500 listed companies. Top US public relations (S & P 500). This method is fooled by the belief that there is always uncertainty. There is no way to predict the value or behavior of the money market.

But at the volatility of the market as well, you can at least build stability by constructing an investor community that is encouraged to maintain currency. In this unstable environment around our currency.

Bitcoin, as we know, was a victim of market volatility. From the incredible $ 19,783.21 on BTC on December 17, it fell to $ 5,000 in July 2018.

In fact, there are several factors in such embedding. But one of the biggest reasons is massive dumping to stop losses from small profits. Imagine a world where people know how to keep HODL (for life). A system that benefits not only by trading but also by HODLing.

Our team
The team is vibrant and has abundant experience in various fields, especially block chains, ico, marketing, marketing and community development. This is a powerful team that will lead and provide innovative ideas for the STS platform that will grow and prosper in the future.


STS also partnered with several electronic money exchanges and expects the STS to be listed on these exchanges early in development.

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