SUBAJ is a decentralized platform and marketplace where companies, retailers, merchants, and service providers can participate for their mutual benefits. Participants can create their own crypto tokens and offer them to customers as a loyalty gift in the subch blockchain platform.

This platform may be used by variuos traders, businesses, companies, institutions and service providers who can offer SBJ tokens or their own business token as a loyalty gift to their customers. Adapting such a reward mechanism will also help them in increasing their daily sales. Cryptocurrency will operate within the SUBAJ Blockchain Platform. This means that customers can collect a crypto token from one merchant and use it to buy back goods / services at another merchant and vice versa.
The SUBAJ Global Network from a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online or offline payments, promotions and gift sharing programs using cell-based methods. It is a distributed blockchain platform that creates a huge market where different types of businesses, retailers, merchants, and service providers can participate for their mutual benefits. The SUBAJ platform is driven by innovative technologies like Social Gamification, Augmented Reality and GeoDrop Technologhy. The platform aims to revolutionize the shopping experience of millions of customers through the methodology of sharing advanced loyalty gifts.
It provides advanced utility models and sophisticated infrastructure where all types of retailers, merchants, clubs and communities can participate to create their own business token and offer it to customers in return for loyalty. For example, a college or university may release its own token for students and staff members using the Blockchain Subaj (SBJ) Platform. In the same way, a fitness club can offer its membership token to the global community. Above all, Subaj strives to create a more meaningful world through the Amal Subaj Foundation dedicated to the improvement and improvement of underprivileged children from all over the world.

  1. Not important from the existing reward system.
  2. Lack of transparency between traders and customers.
  3. No mobile strategy to attract new customers.
  4. Lack of support to Merchants and constant competition.
  5. Bad communication mode between merchants and customers.
  6. Instant access to different types of offers, discounts, and loyalty programs.
  7. Transparent system in which traders and customers interact and communicate.
  8. GeoDrop Technologhy for instant customer engagement.
  9. Merchants will get active support from the global community.
  10. Real-timw communication facilities between traders and customers.


Subaj Exchange Platform (SXP) provides a crypto exchange facility to customers where they can exchange cryptocurrency variuos in the Blockchain Subaj (SBP) Platform or redeem them with SBJ tokens. SXP also futures many other types of cryptocurrency available in the market. All merchants, retailers, companies and organizations can register their business token on the Subaj Exchange Platform (SXP) and make it accessible to customers from around the world.
At SXP, customers can easily exchange original crypto tokens or fiat currency to any business token and use it at merchant stores that accept this token. That way, customers can also convert their crypto prizes to SBJ tokens or other digital currencies and then pull them wherever they want.


● 2010 (Global Trade Reward Platform Vision)
● 2013 (Digital Digital Currency Launching Platform)
● 2016 (Launch of IPO of the Cellular Trading Company at the Paris Stock Exchange Market)
● 2017 (Fintech & Blockchain Strategies for Shopping and the Gifts Industry)
● 2018 (Project SUBAJ Global Network)
● 2018 June-July (Sales Token)
● 2018 November (Development and Subaj Cojn List)
● 2018 December (Exchange and Wallet apps)
● June 2019 (POS, Marketplace)
● 2019 July (GeoDrop, Offer Picking and Merchamt's Loyality token creation)



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