SUBAJ Global Network

Subaj is a decentralized platform created by the team, based on blockchain technology - now the most striking trend of digital technologies. And a direct platform will be implemented in the online payment system. The main concept of the project is the loyalty program, which will be of interest to many users of cards, accounts and other participants in the trading process, both buyers and sellers.

SUBAJ Global Network is a platform created to create a unique global blockchain ecosystem that is used for online / offline payments, promotions and gift sharing programs that use cell-based methods. It is a distributed blockchain platform that creates a huge market where different types of businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate to their mutual benefits. SUBAJ also provides advanced utility models and sophisticated infrastructure where all types of retailers, merchants, clubs and communities can participate to create their own business token and reward customers for loyalty.
The platform allows participants to create their own crypto sand token to offer it to customers as a loyalty gift within the Subag Blockchain platform. This platform can be used by various merchants, businesses, companies, institutions, and service providers who can offer their own SBJ tokens or business token as a loyalty gift to their customers. Since such a reward mechanism is practiced, it will help in raising their daily sales. Cryptocurrencis will operate within the SUBAJ global network and each cryptocurrency is associated with and supported by SUBAJ tokens (SBJ) thus creating a wide network of interconnected cryptocoins within the SUBAJ blockchain platform.

Problems in the industry and loyalty systems.

The bonus system is very scarce.
Lack of transparency between sellers and customers.
Lack of mobile strategy in attracting new customers.
Lack of support from sellers and constant competition.
The seller is the customer's lack of a desirable relationship.
Solving the problems offered by Subaj Global Network.
Instant access to promotions, discounts, offers.
Thanks to blockchain technology and intellectual contracts, perfect transparency and interaction between the seller and the client.
GeoDrop Technologhy for instant interaction with customers.
Sellers receive active support from the international community.
Real-time communication between the seller and the customer.
The advantages of the platform.

The platform creates a huge global market that encompasses a network of companies and stores from around the world. GeoDrop technology will help you choose hot deals and discounts in your area. Tokens used for all operations performed on the platform can be sold on the exchange. A flexible system of rewards, again thanks to the tokens. Communication with customers at any time of the day and in any part of the world.

The company sells tokens for further project financing and community involvement.

Total issued tokens: 5,000,000,000 SJB tokens
Subaj: SJB
Price: 1 SBJ = $ 0.05
PreicoO will be on 08/06/2018 and until 18/07/2018
Planned quantity: 1,000,000,000

SJB bonus when buying:

from 300 000 SJB 10%
600,000 SJB 20%
from 1,000,000 SJB 30%
Payment is accepted in ETH, BTC, LTC.
The main sale of ICO will begin on July 19, 2013 and will last until 01.08.2018.
Number of planned sales: 1 500 000 000 SJB.
The bonus depends on the period of purchase of coins:
from July 19-25 5% and from July 26 to August 1 the total cost of the token.

Token distribution:

50% falls on sales.
15% of the SUBAJ Fund
13% of clients and sellers
12% application SUBAJ
10% Advisors, partners, company bonuses and generosity.
Accounted by the company "Bounty", the allocated pool is 2%.

Distribution of funds after sale:

40% of technical research and development
30% Marketing and advertising
15% of business development
10% Operating and additional expenses
5% of legal services

2018: Launching the ICO SUBAJ GLOBAL NETWORK project.

June-July 2018: the beginning of sales of tokens.
November 2018: development and transmission of SUBAJ tokens.
December 2018: Implementation of the Exchange & Wallet application.
June 2019: launch of the trading platform in the POS system.
July 2019: Consideration of new offers and creation of loyalty programs to the seller.

The company also established its own charitable foundation, thanks to the charitable foundation SUBAJ, they are striving to contribute to humanity by adopting various humanitarian projects. The goal of the SUBAJ Foundation is to provide a better education system by creating schools and computer centers for the education of poor and disadvantaged children. In addition, the dissemination of information about computer and mobile technologies in socio-economically backward regions. SUBAJ provides the best medical services, opening hospitals, clinics and medical centers in poor areas. It is planned to improve existing medical facilities, providing the equipment and tools needed to treat serious infectious diseases, and, if necessary, provide the vaccine.
In general, the project is very effective and purposeful to achieve the goals of the major changes in our daily lives.



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