The Neverending Summer is heading towards its end

Nights are getting less warm, the sun is starting to loose some of its strength. I feel that the summer is slowly starting to fade into autumn

My neverending summer lasted more than 1300 days, and the moment is starting to reach where I have to start thinking about how the cold feels again

Or better said, I need to enjoy the summer while it lasts, because I am taking it for granted


That’s what you get when you lived in the eternal sunshine for some years. You always wake up to temperatures that are friendly and you do not have to think about how many layers you have to wear. You just take out something that is decent enough to wear to work, put on your flipflops and you are fine. Thinking what to do in the weekend? The beach is always an option, because the temperature is always perfect for it. Yes, of course it does rain, but Sint Martin climate is known for that it is mostly showers and you can still enjoy your beach an hour later. Full days of rain are rare.

When I reached Europe in May this schedule kind of continued. Spring was exceptionally good weather and this went on straight into the summer. I saw on the news that is has been more than 100 days ago since the temperature was below 20 degrees Celsius. I remember that day and I was freezing my butt off. But I also forgot about it quite fast because the days and nights were warm and full of outside options.

Now seeing the weather forecast from next weekend predicting a lousy 19 degrees Celsius here in Switzerland, i got a wake up call. Get your &ss outside! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

So I took my laptop to the riverbank about 500 meters from my house and do what I would also do inside, or on my porch in Sint Martin. Soak in the surroundings and typ the night away. As you can see on the picture above this is not a bad location for spending some easy hours. Every couple minutes somebody will float by on their little rafts or with their dry bag. Because that is what you do here with the rivers, you chill in them. And for a mountain river, I must honestly say that they are exceptionally warm, way warmer than I had expected.


I made a new friend who hasn’t left my side here since I reached the riverbank.

A friend of mine asked me in the weekend if I even HAVE suitable winter clothes. And checking in my closet I see an upcoming issue on that. But you know me, I will address this issue when the time is right, and a sunny afternoon is surely NOT that time. Worrying about wearing layers and looking like an onion is not today!

Don’t ever take the sun for granted guys!

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