Welcome my dear subscribers. Today we will talk about a very interesting project.We live in a society where some of them have the privilege of having access to several Golden opportunities, and some of them will not have access to it for life in the world. Institutions are designed to care for most abandoned children and some of the less privileged in life. Whatever the situation, the love of humanity makes people want to sacrifice to help the poor and to help the poor in our communities. Foundations are sometimes raised and directed to these nonprofits to help them in their quest to bridge the difference between the privileged and the unprivileged.

People's minds change when it comes to providing and raising funds to support any project or community in need. There are stories in which funds aimed at supporting the needy or a project for the community are embezzled and spent on other things for which it was not intended. This attitude and behavior of some organizations has supplanted people when it comes to facilitating or raising funds to support non-profit organizations. The work of these non-profit organizations is to request funds from the community to implement projects to help those who need them or in deprived communities.


The systems through which funds are raised to support communities sometimes devalue the value of the supporters ' Fund, and this leads to the goal of raising funds that are not met. Some of these issues are discussed below:

Lack of accountability

Non-profit organizations and other firms that initiate fundraising to support the community are mostly private institutions that control their own activities without the intervention of any government Agency. This exclusive responsibility of these non-profit organizations to manage Fund-raising sometimes results in no accountability problems. There are reports that some of these organizations are embezzling funds. When such problems arise, they prevent people from supporting the poor in the communities, and we know how some of them need our little support to have a decent life.

Long transaction path

The world is now a global village because of its Internet connectivity, and it has raised the platform for Fund-raising to the extent that Internet-based funds sometimes emerge to help war-affected countries and areas affected by natural disasters. When it happens that the funds need to be exposed online, the funds are sent online via payment cards and visa card, which also charge a certain amount of money for these transactions, resulting in a reduction in the money sent by the supporter.

Quick assessment of funds received
Since any company or organization annually assesses its activities, as well as report on its activities. Private non-profit organizations also try to report as much as possible about their activities with respect to any fundraising they have done to support the less privileged. Manual input to computers sometimes makes it tedious and tedious. Because of all these records, the reports are not matched properly and this leads to further results with respect to the lack of reporting.
To date, the above-mentioned health problems are fighting these organizations, and it is a great relief that Sup Porter has developed a platform that will monitor all these problems.


One of the biggest technological innovations spreading in most organizations and corporations is blockchain technology, and it is with this technology that SUP PORTER is committed to solving these problems. Blockchain technology is marked by some features, and it is with these features that it becomes suitable enough to be able to control the identified problems.

In terms of accountability, blockchain technology is characterized by its transparency due to the nature of the open system. The system book of the blockchain makes it impossible to change the records that are part of the chain. This will ensure the safe custody of funds, and the heads of such organizations do not steal the funds collected.

Transactions that occur on the chain occur using intelligent contracts that ensure that transactions and payment processes are completed within seconds. The Sup Porter platform will also allow participants to exchange currencies for different currencies with low Commission fees.

In addition, blockchain technology is noted for storing every information and transaction in the accounting system, and it is on this account that every information recorded in the system is kept safe and carefully organized to give managers an account of how successful their fundraising campaigns are so far away.

The great thing about this platform is that donors are supported in fundraising, and they will also benefit from it. Visit our website to learn more about our offer. The support network and the support Protocol, which will assist in the regulation of SP tokens, are further explained in the technical documentation, please refer to it for more information.

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