Protecting nature begins with a recycling

Today we will take a closer look at the Swachhcoin project.
This is one of the most hyip projects lately. The company, which was written on almost all the most famous cryptocurrency portals.
The project is designed to instill humanity’s love of nature and responsibility for the waste it produces.
All this looks very interesting, well, let’s begin?

Planet Dump

Remember how many times a week you throw out the garbage? 2, 3 or maybe 5? Think about it because on our planet there are still about 7 billion the same as you and everyone throws garbage. Even it is not necessary to count to understand what a tremendous amount of waste mankind produces.

Let’s think about where all this garbage goes. Yes, there is a recyclable waste, which eventually decomposes into fertilizer for the earth. But the lion’s share of waste is not recyclable waste.

Plastic, metal, glass, technical and chemical waste, some of this is thrown into the ocean, thereby contaminating the water and killing the creatures living in it, some of it settles in our land, after falling into the groundwater, as a result of which people are simply etched by dirty air and water. Part of it accumulates in the form of giant piles of garbage, especially this is an acute problem for India and African countries, unscrupulous companies throw off mountains of garbage in these countries, I heard that there are whole garbage cities there. It just does not fit in the head, as in the 21st century, with existing technologies and infrastructure, people are so carefree about their nature.

And the worst thing is that this trend is only increasing. According to research, the more high-tech and developed a country is, the more non-recyclable waste it produces. Plus, the constant increase in the number of the planet also leads to an increase in the amount of garbage, if everything is left as it is, then very soon we will live on the Planet Dump.

Isn’t all lost yet?

Most companies, after recycling turned into a business, began to care not about how to preserve nature and increase the amount of recycled waste, but about their profits, probably not understanding the seriousness of the problem.
But it is necessary not only to have companies that understand the essence of the problem and solve it, but also to instill in people an understanding of what to do with waste.
These two points will be handled by Swachhcoin.

What is Swachhcoin?

The Swachhcoin company is not only focused on solving the problems of recycling but most importantly, they are aimed at instilling in people the ability to properly handle their waste encouraging them with money. This is a new vision of a solution to the problem — usually, people pay companies for taking their garbage, while Swachhcoin will on the contrary pay people for the garbage they provide.
Swachhcoin aims to recycle waste into useful materials and products. Swachhcoin solves a problem with 4 main technologies, such as Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Swachhcoin will buy trash and sell recycled materials and products.

The project team

The project has a very large team and most of them are from India, the project team has been faced with the problem of а recycling since India is a country with some of the largest landfills in the world.

The number of advisors is also good, among them, there are world-class specialists who have been dealing with the problems associated with waste recycling for a very long time.

A very large number of already confirmed partnerships, as well as exchanges. This means — the release of the project on the stock exchange will not be delayed, which is also very good.


400 000 000 — total number of tokens
SCX — name


The company makes a very good impression:

  • a big team that understands the seriousness of the problem.
  • A very large number of partners, including exchanges.
  • the solution is actually important problem that concerns everyone.
  • a strong community and the audience and investors.

If team will make of all its obligations, with the same pace of conclusion of partnerships and favorable market conditions, the company will certainly succeed.






Bountyhive username: pugamuga


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