SWIPE — platform for optimization of mobile applications

Think about how long you’ve looked at your mobile phone?We bet that also half an hour hasn’t passed.According to statistics,person does it up to 150 times a day. We communicate in a smartphone,make notes in a smartphone,and even get acquainted through smartphones.All this we do through various kinds of applications that are installed on it.

Applications for mobile OS are released daily and in large quantities.The main way to make them free is to stuff with advertising before refusing. More often developers of mobile applications don’t have the opportunity to save their offspring from advertising.

What do users and developers face with?

When a user enters to application,it necessarily starts working on the issuance of advertisements.You may not notice this,because you are accustomed to seeing them so much that you no longer pay attention.

Meanwhile-this channel is very strong interaction between developers and users, because in this way developer will be able to manage advertising and the user will report that he is interested.

Now advertising in applications is more repulsive and doesn’t cause interest.SWIPE propose to solve this problem by subjecting all incoming data and user behaviour to a through analysis.Thus,the developers plan to get rid of the avalanche ad filling of mobile applications.

Agree,it will more interesting if you enter to an application you will see a really interesting ad message that you want to see.

The main tasks of SWIPE are to develop an advanced analysis of user behavior and use these data for better marketing.The range of studies will also include networks and types of devices,as well as profile data of users.

How will SWIPE improve our life?

SWIPE will create a database that will be analyzed and constantly updated.According to the developers’ idea, companies will be able to share the information they have collected among themselves,and thus to achieve the most productive cooperation.

All data received from companies and users will be controlled by special agreements and smart contracts.This will increase security and confidence in the ecosystem.

Based on all the collected data, a set of unique content for each user will be created. Targeting advertising will become more interesting and more targeted than before.

For all the useful activities, whether it is providing useful information, viewing advertising, etc. the platform will reward its participant with SWIPE tokens.

The SWIPE tokens

The SWIPE token is a means of payment for participants in the system. All internal transactions are conducted using a token. Advertisers can purchase custom data for more accurate targeting advertising. Depending on the user-platform-advertisers relationship,some of the tokens will be used as a reward for one of them.

The SWIPE team

Clifford Lim
Executive director
Clifford has ten years of experience in managing business transactions.He managed purchases in IBM and Lenovo.

Andrew Marchen
Technical director
Experienced businessman and architect of ICT.Acting adviser of various startups.He works in a social,financial and market environment.

Kuay Chong Sean
Kuay has more than a decade of experience in startups and MNC,including product management and strategic business development in innovation and analytical data.He has a master’s degree in software and networking from Nanyang Technological University (NTU),Singapore
Iyan Waer
He is a seasoned technologist with experience working in the company’s roadmap charts.He has experience in the product promotion worldwide and in different nationalities.

The conclusion

Welcome to the new era of using mobile applications. In addition to their basic functions, it is now possible to obtain useful advertising literally in every application. When implementing a project conceived by the SWIPE platform, productors and developers will be able to get rid of what they and consumers don’t like.

Extended analytics means constant development and progress, so in the long term the platform can become a good base for expanding not only advertising content.

Detailed information about the platform can be found on the official website:https://swipecrypto.com/#
Whitepaper of the platform: https://swipecrypto.com/docs/SWIPE_whitepaper_rev1.0.pdf
BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4583211.0

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