Anyone have info on Secret Kremlin Suitcase Dialysis Machine?

While watching RussiaToday documentary on Kremlin Electronic Pill that emitts the frequency of a "healthy young body" , I realized that an Old Kremlin Bodyguard mentions a suitcase sized Kdney Dialysis Machine at 15:44 in the following video

Here is the part of the video where they feature Boris Klyuikov , ex bodyguard of Top Politburreau member Andropov... who was said to be VERY healthy looking even while recieving treatment for dalysis.


Here is a modern day packaging you can find at any Good russian pharmacy... I wish I could buy these in USA but I bet theres medical sanctions lol

Wether or not these magic kremlin pills were the reason for Russian communist Leaders living almost wtice as long as ordinary Russians during the cold war, well, who knows.... BUT this device seems like it is being used by Google here Google's Super Pills that work with ELectronic Tatoos,

Authorization Pills can allow that sort of Kremlin Pill to actually authenticate you as a user for a Car or ... your Golos Cryptocurrency Wallet :D One DAY we WILl want to make sure your DOCTOR is in charge of your Blockchain account... maybe Doctors can hold your Owner key!

Wow the electrolights in your stomache Power these Google backed "Proteus" authentication pills... "first super power... my arms are like wires ,my fingers are like alligator clips"

Anyway these ELectronic Proteus Pills, Golos and steem cryptocurrency wallets, yes I think that will work!

And Golos joining EOS could make Golos worth MORE than steem!

Now enjoy some old memes i made for Golos when i first joined and was full of leadership juice


And another


I really believe in Golos because it is like Sukhoi 27 and Steem is like the F15... RUssia MUST competre and get Golos to be ABOVE steem, and to hand out Golos accounts to every Russian CItizen... Thatwould require Russian State to pump a little money into creating accounts but then they can allow Russians to compete and take their rightful place on the world stage.....
RUssian Government is the secret here, just imagine state backed money just a LITTLE bit, being used to organically pump GBG to get Golos token to go up, to create a russian state backed exchange, to allow Banks to do direct work with golos... its such a good idea... russians who are SMART wiull get FUNDING and start Online Businesses!

Butr SO MANY RUSSIANS already USE Instagram, they just need to start using GOLOS but golos has the SAMEproblem steem has with account registration, and EOS wont make that any easier untill we see instant accounts in DPOS chains... like we used to have...but nowadays Steem and GolosAND EOS all have a problem of people having to PAY like $20 dollars or more sometimes just for an account! NO ONE would pay 20 bucks for a bitcoin wallet.... we all have to STEP BACK and realize we are STUCK in an Epicurian cycle... Dan Larimer was GOING To solve the problem but @ned Scott Steemit CEO kicked him out emotionally made it a hostile work environment, now Ned is sitting around barelygetting any work done, acting arrogant and I see a HUGE opportunity for Golos to end up winning....

Just wait for Steem to crash and burn and keep going towards EOS

The choice to move Golos towards EOS is going to Free Golos up for SO much great flexxibility in developing... the apps will be easier to make no one will have to wait for the Bullshjit ned makes us put up with

I cannot wait to see serious state run workers dedicating real time and real TALENT onto an EOS backed Golos

I feel like I could be PAID by Russians over Patyreon to simply hire russian women on Instagram to Promote Golos for the sake of Educating economically challenged Russians on Blockchain computer science and FInTech (FInancial Technology)

if we can make it look COOL to study COmputer Science and FInancial Technology, then Rusians can become the leaders in 6 months! YES its THAT easy to dominate this blockchain world!

Just 10-50 million dolars could pump the ENTIRE crypto sphere, Golos could be purchased by state governments all over the world as a way to support its own citizens and become VERY powerful!

9.354 GOLOS
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I want to simply help Russian Ukrainian Central Asian and Post Soviet Peoples make Money and have internet Freedom. Golos for the East, Steemit for the West

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