Must know the issues that build careers and be the lover of skilled technology


In the context of Bangladesh, government jobs mean golden deer. A few words are easy to hear, maybe we are tired of many today. But why do not weary or tired? The reality of sentence but really terrible Let's look at another statistic from this figure of reality. Statistics tell us, the skilled workers of our neighboring country are investing about 10 billion dollars every year from our private sector in Bangladesh by investing in skills. What? It is very strange, is not it?


Now come back to our main discussion, almost everything related to career, job, career, etc. Because the more skilled you are in professional life, the more you value in the job market. But interestingly, many of us forget this small equation. However, you can fill the balance of this small equation with the ease of the following features.

Get friendship with Google

What is "Friendship with Google" is not strange! Even if it is strange to think about this, even if so-called friends in real life do not have any influence in your life, the virtual friends of information technology are fully capable of fulfilling your life. Because almost all of the known unknown Google know about the center of technology, Nimes Google can be a great way to get the full knowledge of almost everything, including education, cooking, agriculture, medicine and even life management.


So from now on, with Google's friendship, any question you really feel about yourself first by making Google practice and learning to teach yourself is very easy to master.

Become skilled in using computers

If you want to be a skilled technology lover, then it is very important for you to know about computer issues. Because the computer is the best way to see or learn technology very closely. The more interesting thing is that only one computer is sufficient for research on technical issues, while other scientific disciplines require high-value money with large laboratories for research.


For this, it is very necessary to be skilled on the difficult issues such as viruses, spyware, malware etc., with so many simple issues of the computer. So, to start acquiring yourself as a lucrative technology lover, comparing comparatively easy and difficult materials to computers.

Keep an eye on some technical issues
Like technology, there are very few things in the world that seem to be changeable at times. Technically, the rate at which the updates have changed in the last few years, it is really beyond imagination. Because some days ago you could not think of what you could think of today or in your hand. Therefore, keeping in mind the changes in technology to keep you occupied with technology, it will have to come down to real knowledge of the issues. And, if you do not have to be in extreme danger!


Let's see an example, a few days ago, one of my friends went to buy a favorite phone budget of a fair budget, but after buying, the attractive benefits of the current smartphone are not working. Do not have to read the trouble! Later on, after researching the topic, he discovered that his dream smartphone was an old model. For example, for the present time, it is simple but it is possible to purchase such a number of technological items every day. That's why it is very important to keep an eye on technical issues to protect yourself from fraud.

Become an expert on anyone

Keeping an eye on technology issues, it is very important to be an expert in any one related to technology. It is important to keep an eye on this issue - remember, whether you have current and future demands for the subject you want to be expert in? Because earlier said, the technical issues are very changeable. But if you go to a specialist level of technology-related issues, then the rest of the complex and difficult issues of technology will be easy for you.


Get expertise in programming

If there is anything called the life of technology then it is undoubtedly programming. Because of the technology-related issues, almost all of them have the role of programming behind the backbone of programming. Among the popular programming languages, C, Python, Java is one of the tops. There are also numerous programming languages ​​that are used in a variety of different technological purposes. What is programming? It was not known. If you publish programming in one word, "This is the process of guiding the computer."


In a different way, the computer and the medium of expressing your feelings. Currently, programming is a popular subject in the modern world. So, without delay, take the decision to build a career based on technology by acquiring skills in programming.

Be efficient in using the operating system

What is the operating system? It is important to have an idea about this. Well, imagine how much your needs are on the earth as a human without your brain. Think of this kind of thinking in a different way, with our discussion on the operating system. Do not feel too difficult? The matter is, without your brain, you have no value in the world, so if there is no software or tool in the computer or smartphones operating system, it is nothing but a toy part.


Saying this, the life of our computers or smartphones can be called this operating system. Currently, most common operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Open Source Linux, Google's Endowment, and Apple's iOS. With modern technology, you must be skilled in running your work faster with traditional operating systems. If not, then there is a lot more chance of retreating.

The role of the community to take an issue in full is absolutely immense. Because here you will easily get all the skilled or expert level people on the specified topic. And in the current social media era, it has become easy. So to get yourself known as a technocrat, there are a number of technology-related communities in schools, colleges, universities or social media around you. Because here, along with the inspiration, it will be very easy to get all the constructive ways of building yourself efficiently.


Create a technological environment

The most important means of knowing and learning everything in life is the environment. Because if the environment around you is good then there is no doubt that you will automatically prepare yourself as a real person. But this system or system called environment cannot change if you want, right? That's why you have to create the environment yourself.


Create friends, big or small brothers or sisters, social media, and surroundings around you, where everyone loves technology, they even love to read, know and discuss everyday issues with everyday technology. If you, I or we live in an environment that is truly dreaming, it will not take much time to introduce Bangladesh as one of the best countries in the world of technology.

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