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Stop paying for nothing

Buying items online may be extremely different. When you buy clothes, they are transferred into you house, so you may be 100% sure that you own them. When you buy songs or movies, you know that they are yours, because you may play them every time you like. Situation with games is similar but not the same, because even when you pay for a copy, developer and marketplace may perform a lot of actions with it. 

The first time it was noticed is when some old games started to disappearing from ordinary Origin accounts. People had payed for this games, but they lost a chance to play them legally, so the piracy become the only option. Why did this happen? Answer is simple: nobody reads the user agreement. According to this document, developers have right to stop providing you with their game wherever they want and you can do nothing about it, because you have officially agreed. 

If things are so bad, why gamers do not start to ignoring such games or to start making noise? Because it will be useless, since most of the games are sold via centralized platforms. Today we have real opportunity to change the situation and this opportunity is provided by blockchain. There is no place for ignoring the rights of gamers in the era of Web 3.0

Decentralized future

Trading within existing gaming marketplaces is like being robbed all the time. You have to pay commission for selling items and for buying games (even if fees are hidden, the do exist). Moreover, most of additional content is sold for enormous prices, while the most impudent developers are selling items within the games you have already payed for. Implementation of blockchain and rise of the first decentralized gaming marketplace will allow us to get the control over games back. That is why we all have to unite around Tedchain, which seems to be the only marketplace that really care about gamers. Its main features are: 

    • Ability to use cryptocurrency for in-game payments, for buying games or for funding projects you like the most in secure and reliable environment. 

    • Opportunity to earn tokens during playing your favorite games. These tokens can be spend within Tedchain ecosystem or exchanged on the real money or other cryptocurrencies. 

    • Single account and currency for PC, consoles and mobile devices. It means that you can earn tokens playing mobile game and then spend them in your favorite PC MMORPG

    • Creation of own titles and cooperation with third party developers to stimulate the production of quailitive games.

Tedchain is going to change gaming industry forever. You want to be the part of this historical event, don’t you?

Website: http://tedchain.network/
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4471369
Telegram: https://t.me/tedmorning

Athor  hellyeahent - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=287695 

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