Temco Operating System Cycle

TEMCO will operate through a vendor verification system, information storage, verification, evaluation, and the TEMCO Market. Through each process, manufacturers, warehouses, transporters, distributors, and consumers are linked to the other person and the creation, verification, storage, evaluation, and utilization of supply chain information takes place in real time.

Contract Security
Encrypting Data: Data will be hashed and uploaded to RSK blockchain. By hashing, data is largely useless unless decrypted. Using Public Key Infrastructure, public and private key of each user’s wallet are used for encryption and decryption. Since every user has different combo of public and private keys, hacking one user does not impact other users’ data. b. System security: RSK has conducted two very deep audits of their system. They will continue to do more audits in the future, and the results will be shared on their homepage. Through our partnership with RSK, we will be able receive technical support from RSK. In case of any problem, this will permit a faster response. a. Hash encryption: Each block involves header and body. In the header, previous block’s hash, current block’s hash, and Nonce are included. Each block’s hash is made from the previous block’s hash, and therefore, it is very difficult to manipulate. To generate the hash, SHA-2 encryption will be used. b. Public key encryption: During an exchange between individuals, digital signatures are authenticated to prove that the transaction has not been tempered. ECDSA (The Eliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) will be used to prove this, and it is one of the three standards for digital signing in the United States along with DSA and RSA. In addition, the user’s public key is an account number that is not connected to personal information, so it provides anonymity. c. Double-spending prevention: Uploading data to two or more addresses is called double-spending. To prevent this problem, total number of currency and The Longest Chain Wins methodology will be used. When there is a double-spending, the total number of currency exceeds the cap (21million). It also causes two or more blocks to be created. If one block is created before the other blocks and new blocks are added to the first one, it is considered the longest chain and deemed valid.

Process of verification
Vendor Verification System TEMCO will operate vendor verification systems for manufacturers, warehouses, and distributors. Through the vendor application, vendors will be verified according to business registration, factory registration, quality certification, etc. according to the company. Only certified vendors can communicate with consumers using the supply chain management solution services provided by TEMCO. Consumers can see the exact information of the vendors through the consumer application and know what vendor the product was purchased through. Supply Chain Information Storage Proces Companies registered through the vendor verification system will store supply chain information in a blockchain through smart tagging and data verification. Once the manufacturer has handed over the product to the warehouse vendor and the process is complete, it will request verification through the vendor application.

As the warehouse company acquires the product from the manufacturer, it tags the QR code and RFID of the product into TEMCO’s smartphone application. If the product is delivered correctly, the application verifies and approves the data. This process is based on Smart Contracts. The warehouse manages the product in accordance with the product retention guidelines as required by the manufacturer, and when it ships, it requests approval from the carrier. Carriers use smart tagging to verify the storage information of the products such as temperature and environment, also to approve after verification. This process is also based on Smart Contracts, and all of the information gathered are kept in the blockchain.
The acquired product is shipped to the wholesaler and distributor in accordance with the shipping guidelines as required by the manufacturer. Carriers also request approval after delivering the product, and wholesalers and retailers approve after verifying smart tagging and data after acquiring the correct product

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