Take this two hypothetical cases, two kids, born the same year, in different parts of the world. They both went to school, and along the line, one was a graduate, while the other ended up with a life sentence.
If the one in jail had known that it was his destiny to be locked up, is there any reason for him to try to be good to people?
As for the graduate, let's assumed he knew his destiny, he wouldn't have tried extra hard to earn his certificate knowing that no matter what happens, he's still going to be a graduate at the appointed time.
We hear a lot of stories and testimonies from books and movies stressing that everyone has a great destiny and that your destiny cannot be taken away from you. What about people that have been in jail for a long time, its that their great destiny? And if its not, who has managed to take it away from them, or is it the fault of theirs not to be able to attain the full potential of their destiny? Is it by virtue of the place they were born and what they were exposed to?
I believe that our destiny is what we believe in and make of it.

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