Tok — The Decentralized Chat Platform

What Is Tok?

TOK is a non-targeted multifunction chat application built on the Ethereum blockchain. While offering the user all the classic features of a chat application, it also provides a lightweight electronic wallet in the build. While communicating with family and friends via TOK, the app provides more features than conventional instant messaging applications.

TOK is an instant messaging application with features useful for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaboration documents, whiteboards, screen sharing, video playlists, advanced location features and money transfer are all part of their core services.

Highlights Of The TOK application


Converse with associates, loved ones out of a homogeneous companion discussion given by TOK, guaranteeing information security, speed and effectiveness.

A sound/video call

We comprehend that it’s less demanding said than content, so we’ve empowered associate sound/video requires every one of our clients. Rapid does not ensure inactivity

Video meeting

Videoconferencing ends up less demanding with TOK. It very well may be “one to many” or “numerous to many.” Each system will have a continuous and quality conferencing knowledge.


Video gathering

Videoconferencing winds up simpler with TOK. It very well may be “one to many” or “numerous to many.” Each system will have a continuous and quality conferencing knowledge.

Geo-tagging and live tracking

Find your friends and follow their activities directly with TOK. Once the location is enabled in the app, you can easily find friends near you.

Offer records and joint effort reports

Regardless of whether it’s an understudy venture or a multi-million dollar strategy for success, work with your group to get the best outcomes. Offer records of numerous kinds and work together effectively on archives.


Focus on your energy. Play live on TOK, have online classes and welcome individuals to go along with us. Your considerations/musings require a stage and a group of people, TOK gives you that.

Screen sharing

You can impart your screen to a single tick and make introductions or view strategies for success in a hurry. Not constrained to a 16-inch screen.


A lightweight portfolio in the building will enable you to purchase, offer or pay effortlessly. All exchanges are anchored through the blockchain structure.

What Is Tok Token?

TOK Token will facilitate the future development of the TOK — Blockchain based chat application that provides a complete chat application. TOK users will be able to buy, sell or pay in the TOK community. Token tokens will also be needed to take advantage of the application’s advanced services, such as webinars.

Token Details:


Why Choose Tok Token?

User data is secure

One of the benefits of using the Blockchain platform is the security of user data. Can not commit user data violations on TOK.
Unified platform

Flexibility and ease of use

Compatible on all devices and operating systems, TOK is easy to use on all platforms. It is explicit but unique in their offer.




TOK is a versatile chat application that can be used for personal or professional communication So I Believe It Can Do Good In Near Future And As A Ico Investor Or Reviewer I’m Going To Invest Some Amount In Tok, You Too Can Research By Yourself And Can Invest In It.

So Guys Here Is The Article Which I Providing Full Details Of Tok Tokens If You Have Any Question Or Know Anything About Tok Just Visit Their Social Media Or You Can Directly Contact With Team I Have Provided Links Below.






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