"Cryptonia Poker" Play poker online with cryptocurrency. This blockchain-powered platform lets you play in a fair and safe environment. ICO LIVE.

This year it is expected that the growth of the online gambling market will exceed 52 billion dollars. Poker takes a significant share on it. Bounded by competitors, he has problems that can be solved with the help of Blokchein. And the Cryptonia team is going to do it, which now attracts funds through the ICO. This will be discussed later in our review.

Today, many who like poker do not play it online. Although some have tried, but for some reason not addicted. Why? There are several reasons:

  • muddy poker rooms. The name of the problem speaks for itself. This is when the rules set by the poker room do not allow players to control their funds. And if someone does not like something, then no one holds it. And if people start to emerge, in most cases they simply block accounts. And not everyone wants to get involved, because of the criminalized atmosphere;
  • a mess with the payment. Here the person has fairly won money, and normally, easy and without nerves can not deduce. Delays, checks ... Yes, a lot of things - just not to pay. Often, accounts of a simple type are frozen, and no - one really explains anything;
  • cloudy commissions of payment systems. The poker rooms themselves need to pay 10-20 percent. And even 15-20 percent have to give every Yandex Money and Kiwi. Total 25-40 percent have to be given to the pocket of financial baryg. I do not really want to play somehow.

It's time to put an end to this. Cryptonia Poker is a platform for the organization of poker rooms on the Block. The tokenism of the system is tripled in such a way that the system's token is a CPC coin. It will be used in the platform infrastructure for monetary transactions, on the one hand. And it will also serve as a structural element that provides protection and transparency, on the other. As a blockade, Ethereum will be used.
Now, if you want to play, you can safely raise funds into the system. For example, by purchasing CPC tokens in the ICO period at the lowest price. Then find the poker room. In this case, you will be guaranteed fairness, protection and public anonymity. And in case of a win, you can almost instantly withdraw funds to your crypt or phiatic account without commissions and overpayments. So everything is easy and simple. No torture - just enjoy the game.

A couple of months ago, Cryptonia launched mobile applications on Android and iOS operating systems.
And Cryptonia provides free access to a smart contract. Everyone can get to know him on GitHub and take part in the development.

The token is called CPC. A smart contract that will be used for the ICO and for system health will be on the Ethereum (ERC-20) block. In total, 1 billion CPC tokens will be created.
Start ICO: 04/10/2018
End of ICO: 01/07/2018
Soft Cap: $ 15 million (already collected!)
Hard cap: $ 45,000,000
Price: 11000 CPC = 1 ETH
You can invest in BTC and ETH.

It's nice to see representatives with Russian roots among the founders. What does not prevent them from being experts of the highest class in their work.
The idea of

the Cryptonia system belongs to a man named Lakshay Anand, which became his dream, which he confidently implements with the help of the team. More details with the participants can be found on the website, everyone has profiles in Linkedin, where you can go and ask questions, and at the same time see who is their recommenders.

The project is certainly attractive. Firstly, we collected a decent soft-cap. Secondly, the team has players with titles and experience. Thirdly, the idea and the market are attractive. Not for nothing in the industry of games investors have always aspired - the return is very good. For investment - the very thing! Until the end of the ICO, there are 18 days left.


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