"Akaiito" P2P platform using C2C business model. Akaiito will unite 4 parts: Online Market, Rent (cars and apartments), Services and Online Map. ❤️ ICO LIVE.

New trends in the financial sphere, the introduction of crypto currency into circulation, innovative digital offers and services are pushing developers around the world to implement new ideas, create unique platforms and platforms. Cryptocurrency solves two main problems of the financial market - counterfeiting of banknotes and elimination of actions of malefactors. This suggests that digital money will strengthen its positions every year and increase its turnover. Considering all the innovations of the present day, the developers of the project AKAIITO are engaged in creating a site that unites people from different countries https://akaiito.io/. The intensive growth of the cryptocurrency creates the need for the opportunity to use it in real life. To date, only 5% of the holders of the cryptocurrency are using digital money in payments for purchases and services. The AKAIITO team is working to resolve this issue. The AKAIITO platform will enable you to use crypto money to solve everyday problems, from simple purchases in the store to car or apartment rental. The site is based on blockchain technology and this guarantees the reliability, safety and transparency of all operations. AKAIITO will unite the different directions of life. First, it is a market, that is, it will be possible to buy and sell goods using the cryptocurrency. Secondly, it is rental housing and transport. Thirdly, it is payment for services and works through digital money. Also on the site will be provided a map of institutions and shops in which it is possible to calculate cryptocurrency.

How will the work on the platform be built? To facilitate the search for goods and services, various categories will be created. Sellers will be able to set a fixed price or tie it to a stock exchange rate. Interesting will also be a reputational scale. After conducting the transaction, the parties will have an opportunity to evaluate each other's work and affect the rating. Unfair users and illegal goods will be blocked to improve the safety of other site customers. At the start of the work, you must register and sell the goods at retail with a cost of up to 10 AIC tokens. With the rating upgrade due to well-conducted previous deals, it will be possible to sell more expensive goods. You can make purchases only by calculating AIC tokens. Markers are available now, during the ICO, and in the future they will be sold on world exchanges.

The platform has a small commission of 3% of the transaction amount, with 1% to be returned to the customer later on the cash back system. Integrity and security of operations are guaranteed by smart contracts. Tokens, from the moment the customer decides to buy a product or service, will be booked. The seller will receive the money only after the buyer, having scanned the QR code of the goods, confirms this by receiving the purchase and successfully completing the transaction. The application will be convenient, as it will probably be used on stationary devices and on mobile phones.

ICO is held until April 16, 2018. The cost of 1000 AIC markers is 1 ETH. During the initial offer of coins, buyers will receive a bonus of 28%. You can also increase the number of your AIC tokens if you buy more than 10 ETH markers. In this case, the number of bonus tokens will be from 1 to 20%. Involving friends and partners in investing will also be encouraged.

The developers of the project AKAIITO have far-reaching plans. Set goals until February 2019. During this entire period the platform will be improved and improved, the number of services offered on the site will increase. The team will do everything so that the owners of crypto currency can fully use it to realize the needs of everyday life. Join the platform AKAIITO and go to a new level of life with new opportunities. AKAIITO was created in order to connect the cryptocurrency and the traditional world. Do not miss your chance!

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