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Hi friends and subscribers. In this article, I want to introduce you to the Akaiito platform.
Today, the cryptocurrency market is growing literally every day. At the beginning of last year, the total amount of investments in the digital currency was about 100 billion US dollars, and in December 2017 - 600 billion. The figures are simply impressive, and eloquently saying that the user demand for crypto currency is constantly growing!

Strong interest in the crypto currency has a positive effect on ICO projects, in which investors are in a hurry to invest. In view of all of the above, many Web users want to get a safe and honest one for storing digital currency. Today, in the market of such services, there are only services for the exchange of fiat money for digital. And here, a platform where it would be possible to operate crypto in a mode of real time - is not present.

Just to fill this gap and create a project Akaiito. This system is entirely based on the Blockchain technology with smart contracts connected. The availability of this service in the network will allow you to buy and sell goods and services, and also to track stores and companies where you can pay off crypto currency. This should contribute to the active promotion of digital money, and bring them to a new level of use in society.

To conduct financial transactions, the system will have AIC cryptocurrency, which is alternative to Bitcoin, the world-famous. The basic advantage of Akaiito technology will be the ability to perform daily operations on the basis of one system, using a purely digital currency (no more conversions and exchanges).

Developers startup assure that the logic of the system will be understandable and accessible to each user. Buy or sell goods on Akaiito will also be easy, like downloading a movie from the Internet or finding the nearest restaurant.

Project team assures that it has developed a unique transaction security system. This is achieved primarily through a system of feedback that users can leave inside the platform.

Regarding commission fees, their amount will not exceed 3%. By the way, 1% of them will be automatically transferred in the form of cash back provided that the user closed the deal with the seller and left an honest feedback about him.

There will be used such technologies:
SSL is a security technology for creating an encrypted connection between the server and the client. The presence of a security certificate will allow to deploy a secure channel of communication between customers;
Smart contracts - is an independent element of the system between the seller and the buyer;
Full decentralization - maximum distribution of applications, parameters and functions outside the central node;
P2P is a decentralized model, within which each participant has equal opportunities;
Refund of currency - Akaiito will have a special compensation program to stimulate users to perform all kinds of operations;
Mobile application - the system will have both a version for the PC and for the smartphone, which will make the technology flexible, convenient and safe for the user. That is, even on the street or behind the wheel of a car, you will have personal access to the system and settings of your LC.

To fully implement all the conceived developments, the team needs to collect from 1000 ETH to 20,000 ETH. For this purpose, 30,000,000 AIC tokens were issued, the price of which is 0.01 ETH. Ethereum ERC-20 protocol is used for tokens.

Distribution of tokens:
75% - for the ICO;
3% - bounty campaign;
15% - the project team;
7% - marketing promotion.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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