"Joy Token" Our Tokens Could Become a Defacto Currency for Online Gambling. ICO LIVE.

Most gamblers prefer to visit the most famous and well-developed online casinos, even if the less popular offer a greater variety of games and bonus offers. To increase people's confidence in the gaming industry, a transparent Joy Gaming system was created, which works on the basis of Blockchain technology. Its use will allow players to be sure of the honesty of those games in which they play.

The existing gaming ecosystem significantly depends on reputation. And the reputation is formed to a large extent from advertising, which is gradually becoming more intrusive and aggressive. To attract players and keep them, casino owners have to spend considerable sums to increase the recognition of their brand. Large online casinos control the production of games. People who like to play slot machines and other games of chance, but who do not have the opportunity to determine how fair this or that game, either have to trust the casino, or look for alternative resources where there is similar gambling.

Any game before hitting the network of Joy Gaming must undergo a special verification procedure. This network is based on smart contracts that record and ensure the performance of all that is inscribed in the blockade. Using the block system, users can check everything that happens on the network. People who play games can learn in real time the results and contracts obtained in the network.

Use of an autonomous agent (i.e., a smart contract) increases the trust of users to the system, since any conflict between the playing citizen and the platform is decentralized, since all transactions are conducted using a smart contract that guarantees for all stakeholders the ability to verify the fairness of the game, therefore Attraction of auditors is no longer needed. Blockchain system has three functions. He is able to manage tokens, manage the results of the game and ensure the audibility of the random number generator.

In traditional online casinos, before the invention of Blockchain technology, customers had to send their money to the casino gaming account in order to be able to play roulette, poker or slot machines. This allowed unclean dealers to cash in on their customers. However, Joy Gaming solves this problem thanks to the Blockchain. All the means of the player will be in his JoyToken-purse. After the player makes his bet, his money will go to a smart contract that manages the information received from all the elements of the system (the code of the particular game, the RNG entered by the player of the information). After that, the smart contract will check the results of the game and automatically distribute the funds according to the rules.

Randomness of numbers (determining the payoff or loss of the player) is provided by the generating number of a congruent algorithm that creates a pseudo-random sequence. This sequence of numbers in the future will change due to the actions of the player on the platform, changes in the course of the currency, etc.

Use of Blockchain technology allows users to easily determine where their funds are transferred and how honestly the results are generated. This ecosystem benefits both users and game developers, as they gain access to a large pool of liquidity, and some reputational bonuses. Each developer will be connected to the casino and receive commissions from their games launched by the casino guests.

Team of Joy Gaming (whose CEO is Andrew McDonald) is carefully watching to ensure that developers comply with our requirements for speed and decentralization. If the proposed game does not match them, we will not add it to the platform. Each game is carefully checked on various indicators - security, cost, blockchain integration, and so on. Payment from counterparties is accepted in BTC, ETH, and also by bank transfer. The maximum hard limit for the implementation of tokens is established.


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