"Verasity" A next-generation video sharing platform. ICO LIVE.

Verasity is a video platform of decentralized type, which plans to use all the latest technologies of this industry. Using this service and working within the ecosystem of the same name, the creators of the video, their target audience and advertisers will be able to interact, achieving maximum benefit and effectiveness.

Transactions in the context of this service are fast and safe, and also honestly for all users. Achieve this feature was due to the use of technology Vera.
In order to say so, there are many reasons. The most significant of them are:

  • The creators and inspirers of the service in question are always available for communication and strive to provide maximum support to their users. This attitude to the participants of the platform causes respect for the administration, besides it allows you to quickly learn and understand how it works and what is needed. Here they really respect their users.
  • All the prototypes created by the development team at the moment are presented for general use. That is, everyone can perform their testing.
  • Verasity is not the first such project for its creators, all previous platforms successfully work and develop, enjoying popularity among a huge number of users.
  • The project under consideration is actively developing, establishing cooperation with other companies and increasing the number of reliable partners.

    What are the main advantages of the platform?
    To those quite rightly include:
  1. If you create video content, then you can create your own channel, add videos to it and use the endless variety of monetization methods that are offered here. A part of the received profit each participant of the project can easily and without superfluous complexities exchange for local tokens which in turn can be spent for channel development and attraction of new users.
  2. If you are an advertiser, then this platform is exactly worthy of your attention too. The use of Proof of View technology provided transparency of the project. Each user has a guaranteed opportunity to check every scan, which means, to make sure the video is monetized.
  3. Advertisers are able to pay spectators directly, without intermediaries, which in itself allows to achieve savings.
  4. Impressive prospects of the project are also worthy to get acquainted with them. Huge functionality, secure wallets, the possibility of internal exchange of currencies, the ability to access the platform, including from mobile devices, make it promising for a huge target audience, and the rich positive experience of the development team leaves no doubt that the project will succeed.

Information about tokens.
The total number of coins issued by the project is more than 12.5 billion. Public sales will begin on May 21 and will last until July 11, 2018. Soft Cap is considered to be achieved provided that the project has managed to implement at least 400 million tokens. Hardcap can be considered achieved on the condition that it will be possible to sell all 12.5 billion coins. Tokens are planned to be distributed as follows: 50% will be put up for sale, interested investors will be able to buy them, 20% will be given to the founders and advisers of the project, 19% - reserve fund of the project, 2.5% - to support the work of the referral program and 1% to the stabilization fund.

Summing up the bottom line under everything that was written above, I want to say the following: the video industry is experiencing an unprecedented rise and the surge in interest to it is higher than ever. This state of affairs guarantees a high efficiency of investments in this area, and the desire of managers and creators of the project to abandon the services of intermediaries makes it truly beneficial.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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