The marketing sector can be a complicated place as new marketing tools and techniques are launched, almost on a weekly basis. Advertising has long been considered an art form, with awards celebrating compelling and iconic ads in a range of formats. Part of the allure in advertising has always been in part the mystery of why some advertisements become the gold standard while others fall flat. Fortunately, advances in data and technology can bring more clarity to which ads will be more effective, giving you a much clearer path to success than advertisers who came before you.
Evolving with the rapid pace of technology, today’s ads hold the promise and power of effectively knowing which ads will convert viewers to buyers, as well as just what makes those ads successful, down to the smallest details. Imagine crafting your next advertising campaign with full confidence that it will be successful, knowing that every element, from the words to the colors, has been optimized for your intended audience.
Using the latest developments in artificial intelligence and automation, smart ads turn the ambiguous and highly subjective process of advertising into one that is surprisingly predictable and far more efficient. Very few are taking advantage of these technologies to lift the cloud of advertising’s subjectivity with real data and intelligent systems.

Crest DigiAd platform is an online marketing & digital advertising platform designed to let you earn daily passive income in cryptocurrency by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns. Crest Token provides stability and capital protection to our community of members within this volatility-prone cryptocurrency space when combined with an established industry.
Crest Token is unique because our business model is completely independent of the cryptocurrency volatility and we also have a fully developed platform at the close of the ICO. We also communicate to our community daily through email and other active social platforms; also, there is a guarantee of lower and higher purchase cap range during ICO.TOKEN SALE
Token: ERC20 token
Ticker: CSTT
Pre-ICO Date: Ongoing
Main ICO Date: To be announced
Token Price: $0.25/CSTT - $1.85/CSTT
Pre-Sale ICO Tokens: 1,000,000
Main ICO Tokens: 6,400,000
Total Tokens Supply: 12,500,000
Min/Max Personal Cap: 20/1500 CSTT
Total Supply: 12,500,000
Main ICO: 51.20%
Pre-Sale: 8%
Bounty Reserve: 4%
Staking Reserve: 36.80%

Total Supply: 12,500,000
Stability Reserve: 25%
Bounty/ Token Buyback: 5%
Platform Development: 15%
Development Team: 15%
Initial DigiAd Campaign: 20%
Marketing & Promotion: 20% 

October 2017: Research/ Model Development Starts
December 2017: ICO Development Starts
May 2018 Pre-Sale ICO Starts
July 2018: Main ICO Starts
August 2018: Staking Platforms Opens
August 2018: Internal exchange Opens Campaign Platform Opens First External Exchange Opens Platform Marketing Campaign Starts
September 2018: More External Opens
October 2018: Stage 2 Plans Begins 



The reason for been part of the crest token project is not just about why or what the crest token project represents. But, interestingly what it also brings to the table as user functionalities and features. This makes the place a unique framework in achieving the set out objectives of the crest token community.

▪What makes us unique from the rest.


The crest token is designed with firstly a business model that is totally independent of the cryptocurrency market. Secondly, it also has the unique features of a well developed framework(platform) at its ICO closing. Daily email and social media correspondence, a well functional lower and higher ICO cap range, liberal bounty program, no withholding of user bitcoins and a designed buyback options provision for the users in the crest token community. Furthermore, Crest token has clear openness in terms of ICO fund allocations.

Token Allocation .


The Token Allocation of cresttoken is detailed in two diagramatic representations of token sale information and also Use of proceeds. The framework diagrams are detailed below.

-Crest token Sale details.


The crest token roadmap is detailed below as it can be viewed in the diagram under it.

" OCT 2017(Research / Model Development Starts)

DEC 2017(ICO Development Starts)

MAY 2018(Pre-Sale ICO Starts)

JUL 2018(Main ICO Starts)

AUG 2018(Staking Platform Opens)

AUG 2018(Internal exchange Opens Campaign Platform Opens First External Exchange Opens Platform Marketing Campaign Starts)

SEP 2018(More External Exchage Opens)

OCT 2018Stage 2 Plans Begins"(,2018)

-How members generate returns from crest token.

This section can be viewed on the homepage at


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