The income of the ICO-investor is 82% of the investment

If a token of ICO project does not go on any exchange within 2 months, the startup tokens will cause losses. But this happens very rarely. The average crypto-currency investor receives an income of 82% of the investment. This is evidenced by the report of analysts from the Boston School of Management Wallace E. Carroll.The document consists of 54 pages and is called "Digital tulips. Profitability of ICO for investors". The study includes information on 4,000 ICO projects that attracted more than $ 12 billion in investments.

Experts argue that investing in ICO can get a good income. If the project goes to the crypto exchange, the price of the token grows by 180% of the original value. You can buy tokens not only at the start of the project, but also after entering the exchange.

After a month on the exchange, the token becomes more expensive by 67%, the income from investments only continues to increase:

-140% after a quarter

-430% for half a year

-1,880% over a period of about a year.

Often, tokens do not trade longer than 1 calendar year.

Recall that 549 Japanese citizens in their income declarations for 2017 noted that they have a passive profit. They invested more than 1 million in assets. ⅔ Of these, we invested in the initial placement of coins.

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